DIY Confetti Cannon for Photo Booths

Photo booths continue to be a popular entertainment option for weddings. It helps you create everlasting memories of the big day and provides hours of excitement for your Hudson Valley wedding guests. The cool thing about photo booths is their versatility and the little tricks you can do to add a bit more magic to your special day. In today’s blog, we’ll help you create one such knack – a DIY confetti cannon!


Why a Confetti Cannon?



Before we lay out the instructions, we wanted to explain why a confetti cannon and a photo booth are such a good couple. While photo booths, such as the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, have plenty of ways to personalize your images, a confetti cannon adds an extra layer of fun to the photos.


If the cannon is a surprise to your guests and only goes off once the guests are taking photos, you’ll get pictures with amazed looks! It makes your Hudson Valley wedding or event extra fun, surprising and sparkling.


The Instructions


To make one confetti cannon, you’ll need the following items:


  • A toilet roll tube
  • Gift wrap of your liking
  • A balloon
  • Confetti – You can make it yourself or buy at Walmart
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors


Decorate your toilet roll tube with the gift-wrap you’ve chosen. The wrap could be in the same design or color as your other wedding décor. Cut the right sized piece of the gift-wrap and glue it carefully around the toilet roll.


Tie up your balloon without blowing it up and cut the top of the balloon off. Gently pull the balloon over one end of the toilet roll, leaving the knot end of the balloon loose. If you want, you can use decorative tape to tape the other end of the balloon into the tube.


Fill the tube with your chosen confetti and once you are ready to launch, hold it upwards and pull the end of the balloon. Let it go and the confetti will fly towards your guests using the photo booths.


Cheat for the non-DIY Enthusiast



If you aren’t a big fan of DIY, but you’d like to enjoy a confetti shower as part of your wedding photo booth experience, don’t feel left out! You have two stunning options available.


First, you could create a DIY backdrop by simply sprinkling confetti paper on a large, white backdrop cardboard. Apply glue all over the cardboard and throw down pre-made confetti paper and gently press down the fallen pieces to ensure they stick.


An even easier alternative is to purchase a confetti gun, which you can use at your wedding. These are sold in most craft stores and websites. For example, you can find confetti guns Confetti Magic or Confetti Master websites. If you are renting out a photo booth for your Hudson Valley wedding, you can also ask from your provider about having a confetti machine at the reception.


If you end up creating the beautiful DIY confetti cannon, please let us know and don’t forget to send pictures! You can also drop a message of other great DIY ideas you know for wedding photo booths.

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