The Do’s and Don’ts of a Christmas Wedding

Wedding themes come in all shapes and sizes. But if you are looking for a truly magical and warm wedding theme, then a Christmas wedding should be your choice. The festive season offers stunning ideas for your Hudson Valley wedding, helping you celebrate your marriage in a winter wonderland style. But before you start planning for your big day, you should keep in find a few important Christmas wedding do’s and don’ts.


The DO’s of Christmas weddings


Do stay mindful of the weather and remind your guests to do the same. Hudson Valley weddings can be organized in the mountains, by the sea, or in a city center – all these locations can offer their unique challenges when it comes to weather, especially during winter. So, remember to dress up warm enough, just in case it is a white Christmas wedding. Remember to have a Plan B for any outdoor activity you’ve planned!


Do celebrate the holiday in clever ways. A Christmas wedding needs to embrace the holiday, but do it in style. Add tiny reminders of the festive season with things like seasonal music from your Hudson Valley wedding DJ, little ornaments and baubles as décor, and opt for seasonal food. With tiny, thoughtful touches you can embrace the season in a tasteful way.


Do add some color to your special day. Many couples make the mistake of thinking a Christmas wedding needs to be just white and red. While these colors are definitely a classic choice, you shouldn’t be afraid to try other color ideas. A dark burgundy, jade green or luscious lilac are all beautiful options.


The DON’Ts of Christmas weddings


Don’t leave your wedding planning to the last minute. It’s obvious that all weddings take time to plan and you don’t want to start booking at the last minute. But planning early is especially important when it comes to a Christmas wedding, as the season is popular party season anyway and venues will be booked well ahead of time.


Don’t overdo the theme. Although we recommend adding plenty of Christmas elements to your wedding, just as with any other wedding theme, you shouldn’t overdo it. Riding down the aisle in a reindeer sleigh and having everyone dressed, as Santa’s little helpers might be just a bit too much.


Don’t expect everyone to make it. If you are organizing a Christmas wedding, you need to prepare for certain guests to reject the invitation. The holiday is considered a time to be with your family, and this might mean the guests say ‘no’ to your invitation.


Organizing a Christmas wedding is a beautiful idea for anyone in love with the season. With tiny details and careful planning you can use the theme to add warmth to your special day, instead of making it look cheesy. Christmas is a fun and broad theme that caters for all sorts of wedding dreams.


What do you think? What are the biggest things to keep in mind when it comes to Christmas weddings? Let us know in the comments below!

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