Dos & Don’ts of Fourth of July Wedding

Summer is a popular time for a wedding – the weather’s good and people have more time to take a vacation. But what if you want to combine the biggest summer holiday with your wedding? Is having a Fourth of July wedding a good idea?


Here are the dos and don’ts you should keep in mind when planning a Fourth of July wedding.


Dos of a Fourth of July wedding

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Plan your holiday wedding in advance and let the wedding guests know as early as possible. Fourth of July is a popular holiday and people often travel during this time, especially if it’s close to a weekend. It’s important to consider the fact that people might have other plans and to send your ‘Save the Date’ cards well before the big date.


Do add seasonal themes to your wedding. Fourth of July wedding can have a big fireworks display, a wedding photo booth with Fourth of July props or a menu that celebrates the best of our nation’s food. These little touches mean that wedding guests get to enjoy this fantastic holiday, as well as have a fun wedding experience.


Consider regional or family traditions. When planning the wedding, you should consider any major traditions that might be important to your family. These might even include regional and local events or traditions. Including these to your Fourth of July wedding can ensure people don’t feel like they are missing out on their usual Fourth of July celebrations.


Don’ts of a Fourth of July wedding

Don’t leave booking your Fourth of July wedding entertainment and other wedding services too late. Wedding vendors and service providers in Hudson Valley are busiest during big holidays – you might not get the wedding DJ you want if you leave it too late.


Don’t forget you’re planning a wedding, not a Fourth of July party. While it’s important to have little touches that celebrate our Independence Day, you don’t want to forget that the occasion is mainly about your wedding. You want to have a proper wedding, with important wedding traditions, instead of just throwing a massive Fourth of July party in the garden.


Don’t expect everyone to love your Fourth of July wedding plans. Whenever you plan a wedding on a big holiday, you’ll find those that think it’s a bad idea. This is OK and it’s understandable people might not want to attend a wedding near a major holiday. If you’re planning a Fourth of July wedding, you have to accept that some people might not love the idea. Don’t get mad but just focus on enjoying your big day!


Planning a holiday wedding in style

Fourth of July wedding

The key to a good Fourth of July wedding is in the planning. You want to get started early, spend enough thinking about the details and then focusing on enjoying the planning process. A Fourth of July wedding is a beautiful idea and you can make it a fun and memorable occasion for all!


What do you think? Do you like the idea of a Fourth of July wedding?

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