The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Photo Booths

Smiling faces, plenty of laughter and unforgettable memories – these are the things everyone should be looking for from their wedding photo booths. But how can you guarantee people have fun taking photos in your wedding budget? Is it possible to organize a successful photo booth for your Hudson Valley wedding without breaking the budget for your big day? If you want to guarantee your photo booth entertainment provides laughter and plenty of fun memories for guests, then keep in mind these do’s and don’ts of a wedding photo booth.


The Do’s of Your Wedding Photo Booth



Do research on your options. Not all wedding photo booths are alike. There are rather basic options for hire that you can spice up with props or you can get anything from 3D photos to magic photo booth mirrors. It’s important to conduct research into the different options, set yourself a budget and talk to a few providers before the final decision.


Do assign someone to help out. Whether you have a DIY photo booth or a hired booth, you definitely want to have someone at hand to help guests make the most out of it. The person should remain in the vicinity of the booth, showcase some of the technical aspect of it and help out with props.


Do add social and instant elements to your photos. When it comes to engaging photo booths, you definitely want the guests to see the photos instantaneously. This can encourage them to use the booth again and inspire others to give it a go. An even better option is to take your photo booth online and have a social media element to it!


The Don’ts of Your Wedding Photo Booth



Don’t forget to talk to the venue. Before you hire a photo booth or start crafting your props, talk to your venue coordinator. Most photo booths require a few things from the venue: enough space and a proper power outlet. Therefore, you need to provide information about what you are planning and check whether the venue can cater to your needs.


Don’t just dump the booth in a corner. The placement of your photo booth has plenty to do with the success of it. You don’t want the booth to be far away from the center of the party, as people won’t be inclined to walk far just to snap photos. The two best locations: near the reception bar or right next to the dance floor.


Don’t forget to advertise it. Aside from the location, another crucial part of getting people to utilize the photo booth is to talk about it. Your guests need to be reminded about the existence of the booth. A good way is to ask the wedding DJ to occasionally mention the booth!


Final tip


Do consider adding props, as these can engage your guests and they can ensure there’ll be smiles all around the photo booth. But don’t overdo them. You don’t want to have too many props to choose from, as it takes away spontaneity from the photos and can also drive up the budget.


Do you have something to add to the list of wedding photo booths do’s and don’ts? Let us know in the comments below!

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