Easy Ways to Add Romance to Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic times to organize a wedding. The event oozes romance and is the perfect time for a If you’d like to make the day even more romantic and add elegant, yet simple romantic touches to the day, you should consider the following ideas.


Rose petal aisle runner


You can transform your aisle by decorating it with rose pedals. You can create a lovely design by sprinkling your petals on the floor or the ground, if you’re having an outdoor ceremony. You can use your imagination with the design. Below are a few ideas for inspiration.

The idea doesn’t just look romantic, it can also be cheaper and easier to execute. Furthermore, you can opt for other petals, if you want to save more money.


Table numbers with a meaning


Think a meaningful story or event that relates to the specific table numbers. Perhaps you met on the 4th day and your table number four could have a text “4 – the day we met”. You might have gone to your first holiday on the 6th and so on.

The table numbers simply have to have the table number printed on them, together with the story that relates to the day. The idea is romantic, adds a quirky story for the guests to start talking about and isn’t hard to create – you just need a nice paper and a beautiful font!


Heart-shaped sparklers as props


You can buy heart-shaped sparklers online and use them in two different ways as wedding props for an instant splash of romance. When it’s time for the first dance at your Valentine’s Day wedding, you can have the guests light up their sparklers. Having the sparklers go off around you will be magical and add a lot of romance to the first dance.

If you’re hiring a Hudson Valley wedding photo booth, you can also add the sparklers as props the guests can use. It’ll add plenty of laughter to your guests’ photo session.


Personalizes table settings


Brighten up your table setting with a personalized message for each guest. You can get simple heart-shaped paper settings and simply take a moment to think of a quirky message to write for each guest. It could be to say ‘thank you’ for helping organize the wedding, or remind the person about the hilarious holidays you had as children.


Kiss when the bell rings


Add a small cowbell next to your table with a sign that says, “Ring for a kiss”. Every time someone rings the bell, the bride and groom must kiss! If you want the guests involved, it could read, “Ring for a hug” and everyone would need to hug the nearest person when the bell rings.

The above ideas work perfectly in a Valentine’s Day wedding. They are easy to execute and won’t cost you a fortune, yet add special and meaningful elements to your special day.


What do you think? Let us know your favorite ways to add romance to your Valentine’s Day wedding!

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