Entertainment Ideas for a Thanksgiving-themed Wedding

Thanksgiving and weddings are two celebrations all about appreciating the loved ones around you. It isn’t any wonder then that many couples choose to incorporate Thanksgiving to their special day in different ways. One lovely way to add a slice of this magical holiday is through entertainment and below are a few ways to keep your guests entertained during your Thanksgiving-themed wedding.


Poem writing




A sweet way to get your guests involved is to organize a poem writing moment, in which each guest would have to write a short ‘Thank you” poem either to the couple, or the person they know the best in terms of the newlyweds. The poem should somehow relate to the relationship of the couple and the guest – where they met, how long they’ve known each other, and why are they thankful for having the person in their life. Some of these could be read out loud, but they could also act as the guestbook.


Pie decorating competition


If you have a small wedding, a pie making competition might be a fun idea. You could have each table form a team, with pre-made pies waiting for decorations. You could include different decorating options from berries to sweets. Each team would have 15-minutes to create a plan and then 10-minutes to decorate the pie. As the newlyweds, you would get to pick a winner and the pies could be eaten as a dessert later on!



Dancing game


Get your Lake Norman DJ involved and organize a dancing game. The rules would follow the famous “Simon Says” game, with the presenter shouting “Gobble, gobble turkey says”, followed by a specific dance move. People would have to repeat this and anyone who does it wrong is out of the game!


Thanksgiving-themed photo booth


Photo booths are a popular option and incorporation of props can turn snapping photos into something fun. You can add a sophisticated touch of Thanksgiving by having your photo booth props themed after the holiday. This would mean including cutout pilgrim hats and collars for men and women, pumpkins and signs conveying messages like “Thanks” and “Gobble, Gobble”. Hudson Valley photo booth providers might also have other quirky suggestions and if you pick a magic mirror photo booth, you can have your guests draw up their own Thanksgiving-themed images on top of the photos.



Changing lives


You could also ask your guests for a small contribution towards a specific charity of your choice in the spirit of Thanksgiving. The donations shouldn’t be mandatory, and guests could donate whichever sum they feel comfortable with. You could even prepare for this beforehand and ask them to bring a single item of clothing, toy or even food, which you’d then pass onwards for a charity.


Thanksgiving-themed weddings are a fantastic idea for anyone planning a fall wedding. As the above shows, you can incorporate this holiday to your Hudson Valley wedding in a number of ways, without it being cheesy.
What do you think? Let us know what are some of your favorite Thanksgiving ideas for a wedding party!

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