Fantastic Ideas for a Halloween-Themed Photobooth



The Halloween season is upon us and there’s no better time for organizing a themed wedding or event using a Professional Hudson Valley Photobooth company like Platinum Party Events DJ & Photobooth. If you are adventurous and playful, then a Halloween-style wedding or event is a fantastic idea to surprise and shock your guests. In order to add a bit of frightful magic to your special day, set up a Halloween-themed photo booth with the help of the below ideas.

 Bat cave background



Turn your photo booth into a bat cave with the help of a few simple props. Use a dark grey or a black canvas or sheet as the background for your booth. Purchase cheap bat toys from online shops, such as eBay, and hang them with the help of thin string from the ceiling of the booth and the back wall.


Spooky masks




Venetian style masks are popular props for wedding photo booths, but you can quickly transform the idea into something more suited for Halloween. You can print out beautiful, yet spooky masks. Think in terms of black and golden masks with feathers and spider web designs.


Spider web drawings



If you decide to go with our “Magic Mirror” photobooth, you could use its interactive features for adding that Halloween touch to the photos. The mirror photobooth allows the user to draw images on the mirror which are perfect for adding a frightful touch to you snapshots.

Pumpkin friends




One fun idea is to include a big pumpkin head to your photo booth. You can carve a traditional pumpkin and even add some lights inside it to add a lovely glow to the photos. On the other hand, you could use the pumpkin for adding the date of your Hudson Valley wedding or even your names. The guests could then use the big pumpkin as a prop in whichever way they like in the photos.


Wicked witches


Witches are another big Halloween theme and you could help your guests transform into witches for the photo shoot with a few simple props. Add old witch-styled hats to the photo booth and use brooms as props in the background.


Play a trick


Finally, if you want to add an element of surprise to your photo booth, play a trick on your guests as they are about to take the photo. This could be a fake spider toy dropping down from the ceiling or a sudden sound, played as the photos are taken. This is guaranteed to create fun images and plenty of laughs!


The above ideas are easy to implement and they’ll add just the right touch of Halloween to your Hudson Valley wedding or event. Even if you don’t want to them for your whole wedding or event around Halloween, you can add these little elements as an additional entertainment if you are getting married or having your special event during the pumpkin season.


What are your favorite Halloween-themed photo booth ideas? Share us your ideas and let us know what you think about the above suggestions!