How to Have a Festive Christmas Wedding

When it comes to picking a season for your wedding, Christmas is a beautiful choice. This is especially true in the beautiful North Carolina, which offers the perfect backdrop to a festive Christmas wedding. Here’s how to do it all!


Celebrate the Seasonal Colors

Christmas wedding


The easiest way to add a feel of the festive season to your wedding is with colors. When you think about Christmas, you think about the vibrant greens and the warming red. These work beautifully in décor and add festive flair to your day.


But you don’t have to play with just the traditional colors. A modern Christmas wedding can consider decorating berry like reds and purples. These add a lot of sophistication and luxury to your décor. Combine them with winter whites and you have a beautiful color theme for your wedding.


Opt for Christmas Scents


When you’re creating festive décor, it’s not just important to think how things will look. Scents can play an important role in creating the right Christmassy atmosphere at your wedding reception.


In terms of a true North Caroline Christmas wedding, you must include traditional, pyramid-shaped Fraser Fir Christmas trees in your reception. This will not only add to the décor but also create a homely Christmas scent across the venue. You don’t have to opt for a big tree either – just include branches of the trees on each table as décor. Next to candles, they will help create a charming scent.


Apples, oranges, cinnamon and mulled wine are other Christmas wedding scents to consider. You could simply include these to your wedding food menu or decorate with scented candles.


Include the Christmas Flavors


You’ll also have to include a festive feast for your Christmas wedding! A version of a traditional Christmas dinner is an option but you can also play around with modern touches. You could go with tasty treats like cranberry meatballs, orange marinated beef, baked trout and toffee eggnog.


Dance to Festive Tunes


Wedding music plays an important part in creating the perfect festive mood at your reception. The world is full of wonderful Christmas songs your North Carolina wedding DJ can play – you could even opt for a classic first dance with a festive theme. Think about songs like Walking in the Air and Christmas Song. You can get the wedding guests all warm and fuzzy with these classic Christmas wedding songs.


You don’t have to make the whole playlist about Christmas. Simply talk with your wedding DJ and create a playlist that adds a few festive songs to key moments of the night while also including other inspiring wedding songs.


If you want, your Christmas wedding entertainment could also include other festive treats. Your wedding photo booth could have Christmas décor and if you have lots of children as guests, even Santa might turn up!


Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of a Festive Christmas Wedding


Having a Christmas wedding is a lovely idea – the festive season is the time of love and family. With the above tips, you can create a perfect Christmas wedding without turning the big day into a boring and cheesy affair.


What do you love about Christmas weddings? Let us know in the comments below!

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