Halloween Photo Booth Prop Must-Haves

Your Halloween party planning is hopefully in full swing. The season of spookiness has just started and there’s still plenty of time to organize your Halloween photo booth, food and décor for the big day.


Last week, we talked about the different themes you could use to create the scariest Halloween photo booth. But what if you want to skip a theme and just have a quirky photo booth? We’ve picked up the photo booth prop must-haves for the season. The below ideas would even work well in a Halloween-inspired Hudson Valley wedding.


Pumpkin props

Halloween photo booth

It goes without saying that pumpkin props must be part of the Halloween photo booth experience. The good news is there are tons of ways to use pumpkins in a photo booth. Here are a few ideas:

  • Have small pumpkins with meaningful carvings about the event (such as date) that guests can hold in their hand when taking photos.
  • Cut pumpkin style masks for the guests to hold on their faces.
  • Hang small pumpkin-like pom-poms as the background for your photo booth.
  • Have cardboard cutouts in the shape of a pumpkin on which the guests can write personalized messages and hold up in the photos.


Spooky facemasks

Halloween photo booth

You should also add a bit of freight to your Halloween photo booth and nothing is better than spooky facemasks. You can print out plenty of facemasks on the Internet – just use semi-thick cardboard and glue the facemasks onto a thin long cocktail stick. Good examples of suitable designs include bat masks, skeleton masks, spider masks and witch’s hats.


Trick or treat props

Halloween is the season of ‘Trick or Treat’. You can play with this theme in your Halloween photo booth by using funky trick or treat props. You can have two separate signs with one saying trick and the other treat – guests can then hold whichever sign they most associate with.


The spooky tombstone props

Halloween photo booth

If you want to play with scare-theme further, you need proper spooky Halloween props. It doesn’t get much spookier than a tombstone prop. From a large cardboard, you should cut out a sign in the shape of a tombstone. Make a square hole in the middle – you are essentially creating a tombstone frame for the guests to hold. Add text such as “The Deadly Halloween Party of 2017” to add to the spookiness. Guests will then hold this frame while taking a photo. If you’re hiring a photo booth, you might be able to add images like tombstone to your photo after the picture has been taken!


The beautiful autumn leaves

Halloween photo booth

On the other hand, maybe you want to skip the spooky element of Halloween and just celebrate autumn. In this case, leaves are the perfect way to go – guests can throw them around or they can be a garland-style background for your photo booth. You can always incorporate them with the pumpkins, for example. This adds a bit more Halloween to your elegant party photo booth.


The above are some spooky, fun and clever Halloween photo booth props you must have in your party booth this year.


Do you have a favorite prop idea in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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