High-Tech Wedding Ideas for a Memorable Party

Are you looking for ways to make your Hudson Valley wedding day just a bit more special and memorable? Look no further, as we’ve created a list of the best high-tech wedding ideas you can use to add some excitement to your big day and guarantee your guests leave the party with plenty of memories.


360-Degree Live Stream for Letting Everyone Participate


There will always be those relatives and friends that simply can’t make it to your big day, but who would love to be there. Technology can make it happen! You can use an app and even platforms like Facebook and YouTube to film your event in 360-degrees and live stream it as it happens. Your loved one will feel like they are right there with you, sharing the precious moments. You essentially don’t even need expensive technology for this high-tech wedding idea, just a smartphone.


A Robot Bartender for Delicious Drinks

You can make the drink service a bit smoother with the help of a robot bartender. The idea is to have an automated cocktail maker that allows wedding guests to pick the drinks they like from a selection of cocktails. The machine will then mix up the drink and serve it to the guest. You can hire the robot bartenders or just buy the machine to use at home later on!


Drone Cameras for Amazing Aerial Shots


You definitely want to capture your wedding day on camera. Hiring a photographer and a videographer is fine, but you could also opt for drone camera for stunning shots. Drones can be flown high above, ensuring you capture the most of your stunning Hudson Valley wedding scenery. Another cool feature is how the drone can guarantee all the guests fit your wedding photos with ease.


Magic Mirror Photo Booth for Fun Memories


Another funky photo addition is to pick a high-tech wedding photo booth for your party. Photo booths are always fun but the magic mirror photo booth adds a high-tech flavor to your booth. You can draw things on top of the photo or add props from a selected list. It even lets you personalize the message. It’s fun and sharing those wedding photos on social media is much easier.


3D Printing for Wedding Favors

Picking the right kind of wedding favors can be tricky. You want something memorable, affordable, and enjoyable for the guests. Why not go high-tech and hire a 3D printer from a Hudson Valley wedding vendor. You can opt for three different designs and let the guests choose which one they like – the printer will then print out the favors and every guest gets a personalized and high-tech wedding favor to take home – like a cookie cutter!


These high-tech wedding ideas are a perfect way to make your wedding party a bit more memorable. You can check with your chosen Hudson Valley wedding vendor if they are able to rent the above products or you could even buy some of them to play at home later.


What’s your favorite high-tech wedding idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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