How to Have Budget Friendly Wedding Without Compromises

Getting married can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. Having a budget friendly wedding also doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice and compromise on everything. Here are the top rules on how to do just that!

Start with the Venue

Always start your wedding planning with the wedding venue. The venue is the biggest part of your cost and therefore, offers plenty of opportunities to save money. If you find a proper wedding venue early, you can save money and start planning for everything else.

Don’t Treat DIY as Magic Pill

DIY does not equal cheaper in all circumstances. What people tend to forget is the time you put in DIY and time is money. You can end up saving cold hard cash by trusting professionals. The big things you don’t want to DIY: your wedding music and food (unless you’re actually a professional yourself!).

Keep it Simple

Focusing on simple things doesn’t mean compromising. You can enjoy great barbecue food cheaper by keeping it simple – instead of having someone do it for you, get the guests grilling or opt only for a few quality types of meat. Instead of having a wedding photographer walk around the whole reception, just get a few pictures and hire a wedding photo booth for the rest of the night. There are many clever ways of keeping it simple and still enjoying the things you want!

Rent Instead of Buying

budget friendly wedding

You don’t have to spend a fortune buying everything you need for your wedding. If you want that lavish gown, think about renting it instead of buying. This can apply to your wedding décor as well – it helps you save time and money!

Focus on the Feeling

A good, non-compromising budget friendly wedding is also focused on the feeling of the wedding and not the appearance. Sure, having an individually carved ice sculpture on each table might look impressive but it doesn’t replace the feeling your wedding guests get with proper wedding DJ blasting out the right tunes. It’s important to focus on how your wedding will make you and your guests feel rather than superficial things like the look of your wedding table.

Break Any Rules You Want

You can do a budget friendly wedding by breaking the rules. If you keep focusing on things like buying a wedding dress from a wedding vendor or having a three-course meal for all the relatives, you will end up paying the price. But the truth is that wedding traditions and rules are there to be broken – so create just the kind of day you want!

Creating a Budget Friendly Wedding Requires Planning

The most important thing is to budget from the beginning. You want to make a detailed plan on how much you are able to and willing to spend on your wedding day. Then you can start thinking about the most important things to you! Often you’ll find things that you really don’t care about that much and slashing them off your wedding day won’t seem like a compromise after all.

What are your budget friendly wedding tricks? What would you never compromise on? Let us know!

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