Hudson Valley Wedding – 10 Fun Backyard Barbecue Ideas for Your Summer Wedding

Hudson Valley Wedding – 10 Fun Backyard Barbecue Ideas for Your Summer Wedding

The summer season is the perfect time for weddings and barbecues. These are both fun occasions and there is no reason why you can’t combine them both in a unique and elegant way. If you are looking to have a relaxed, star and striped filled wedding, then why not use these 10 backyard barbecue ideas at your wedding!

1. Summertime Garden Flowers

You should line up your ceremony aisle with the best summertime flowers. You don’t need any fancy flower bouquets, when you can just fill small wooden baskets or mason jars with sunflowers and tulips. 


2. Wooden Signs

You can also add some fun elements for your summer wedding by utilizing wooden signs. These can act both as decorative elements as well as help guests find the amenities and such.

3. Patriotic Escort Cards

You can add some patriotic-feel to your party by creating flags or red white & blue star escort cards. Use red, white & blue in your background, lettering or accessories to give it that extra special patriotic feel!


4. Lawn Games for Fun

A fuss-free summer wedding also needs some proper entertainment. And you can ensure your guests have a good time with different lawn games. There are some great suggestions at the Rustic Wedding Chic website.


5. Go with the Classic Foods

Naturally, a barbecue-themed wedding needs to go with the classic barbecue foods. You need to include plenty of grilled chicken, bacon and beef to your summer wedding. To make it all a little bit lighter, you can also grill some vegetables as a side dish.


6. Simple Dessert

The idea of a backyard barbecue wedding is all about a fuss-free way to have some fun. Therefore you don’t need any fancy desserts. Instead of going with a traditional wedding cake, why not serve some amazingly tasty strawberry pie? Simple desserts like this are a perfect fit for summer weddings.


7. Fill a Wheelbarrow with Drinks

In addition, you want to serve some cool drinks to your guests throughout the reception. A unique way to do this is by filling an old, rusty wheelbarrow with ice. You can then add bottles of beer and cider to create a decorative drinks bar for your guests to enjoy. 


8. The Best Summertime Playlist

Music is a simple yet effective way to set the tone for your wedding. And if you really want to create a summer backyard barbecue feeling for your wedding reception, then you need to include the best summer tunes to your playlist. If you want to find a Hudson Valley DJ that specializes in weddings, then contact us through our website.  


9. Barbecue Wedding Favors

You should also give your guests a wedding favor that highlights your theme. And there isn’t anything better than gifting them with a small jar of barbecue sauce. Check out the ideas at Kiss Wedding for a spicy wedding favor.


10. A Picnic Basket for the Morning After Treat

Finally, you can guarantee your wedding guests have great memories with a small morning after treat. In order to go with your theme, you can give each guest a tiny little picnic basket as a gift. This is a nice treat for anyone who has to travel somewhere further and little treats will keep the kids happy on the way home as well!


The above 10 ideas will give you great inspiration for a memorable backyard barbecue summer wedding. You should also sign up with our FREE wedding series for the best wedding secrets and tips. Let us know if you’re planning a Hudson Valley summer wedding!

What are some ideas you have for your summer backyard wedding? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!! 

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment