Hudson Valley Wedding – 4 of the Best Cocktails for Your Summer Wedding

Hudson Valley Wedding – 4 of the Best Cocktails for Your Summer Wedding

Food plays an important role when it comes to weddings. Guests will enjoy your wedding a lot more if you can provide them some amazing food and drinks. It is a nice idea to try and highlight the theme and the season with your menu. This makes the menu fresh and more exciting. If you are getting married this summer then here are some amazing cocktail ideas to keep in mind.

1. Cucumber Fizz
Cucumbers are one of the best tastes for a summer cocktail. Your guests are going to love this really simple and tasty Cucumber Fizz cocktail. The recipe is from website:

2 oz peeled and roughly chopped cucumbers

1.5 oz Grey Goose La Poire Flavored vodka

0.5 oz St. Germain

0.5 oz lemon juice

0.5 oz simple syrup

Lemonade or club soda according to taste

In a cocktail shaker, mix the ingredients together with crushed ice. Shake well and serve in a highball glass filled with crushed ice. Top with lemonade or club soda. You can also garnish the glasses with mint and cucumber peels.

2. Pineapple and Mango Rum Cocktail

Another great flavor combination for a summer wedding is created using pineapples and mangos. The flavor combination is perfect for a nice outdoors wedding. This amazing cocktail recipe is from the Martha Stewart website:

2 ½(2 cups) peeled and cubed ripe mangoes

4 oz quality golden rum

4 cups fresh pineapple juice

½ cups water

Put the mangoes, rum and the water in a blender. Pour some (around 2 oz) of the mixture into cocktail glasses. Fill the glass with ice and top off with pineapple juice. Garnish with mango cubes and other topical fruit.

3. Classic Daiquiri

There are plenty of classic cocktails out there to suit a summer wedding very well. Daiquiri is perhaps one of the best among them. It is such a refreshing and tasty recipe to keep your guests entertained. This classic recipe is from website:

1 oz fresh lime juice

2 teaspoons of superfine sugar

2 oz white rum

1 cup ice cubes

Mix the lime juice and sugar in a shaker until the sugar is completely dissolved. Add rum and ice cubes and shake the mixture for a few seconds. Strain the mixture into chilled glasses and garnish with a lime wheel.

4. Simple Champagne Cocktail

Champagne is definitely something you want to include for your wedding. It is a perfect drink for celebrations and you can make it a bit more interesting with a few little additions. This recipe is from website:

1 cube of sugar

Angostura bitters

Sparkling wine

Put one single sugar cube for each champagne glass. Sprinkle some Angostura bitters on top of the sugar cube and then top it off with the sparkling wine. You can then garnish each glass with a lemon twist.

These are some of the tastiest cocktails of this summer. If you want more wedding tips and advice, then sign up for our FREE wedding secrets e-book. We are experienced in providing great Hudson Valley wedding entertainment and we want to help you have your dream wedding!
Are you having a special cocktail for YOUR summer wedding? Let me know what it is – I’d love to hear from you!!
Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
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