Hudson Valley Wedding – 5 Creative Ways To Keep Kids Busy At Your Wedding

Hudson Valley Wedding – 5 Creative Ways To Keep Kids Busy At Your Wedding

Perhaps the most demanding wedding guests of all are the children. You can’t deny that little children in their dresses and tuxedos look absolutely adorable, but they are also easily bored if you don’t keep them entertained. While the adults can have fun just mingling near the cocktail bar, children want to have plenty of things to do at a wedding. Here are five creative ways to guarantee children have a good time at your wedding.

1. Bubbles
The best way to make sure kids have fun at your wedding is to get them involved. The more kids feel like they are part of the fun, the better behaved they will be. Therefore you want to come up with activities that keep them active and engaged.

For example, it is a great idea to supply some bubbles that the children can play with. This is a nice addition to when you are taking photos because bubbles look amazing in photos. 

2. DIY Goodie Bags
Goodie bags are always a great pick when it comes to entertaining children. They combine all the things children love. First, they are a surprise JUST for the child and this is something all kids (perhaps even adults) love! Second, you can add enough little things inside the bag to keep the child entertained for a long time.
If you are just looking for Hudson Valley wedding entertainment you often find only things that are aimed for the adults. But the internet has great ideas for kids’ entertainment as well. For example, check out this DIY goodie bag idea from the Oh Lovely Day blog.

3. A Gaming Table
If you know you have plenty of children attending the wedding then you can get them all together. It isn’t a bad idea at all to either hire a professional nanny to look after the kids or just ask a relative to keep an eye on them. This is definitely something the parents will appreciate as well!
You can then create a little gaming table in one corner of the room. Fill the table with different card games, puzzles and board games and the kids will love spending time there. You can look for this wedding presented at for more inspiration.

4. Kids Coloring Book
You could also entertain kids with a coloring book. Coloring is something kids seem to like rather universally and it is a nice way to keep the children in one spot at the table. 
Organizing a coloring book for each child is also a relatively cheap entertainment idea. First, you can download this really cute printable coloring book from It has a nice wedding theme to it and you won’t be spending any money purchasing expensive books from a store. You can then just find crayons from any large craft store and include a few for each child or table.

5. Disposable Camera Scavenger Hunt
This is a brilliant and simple idea! Leave a disposable camera at each of the table settings for each child with a scavenger hunt list & have them take a picture of everything that is on the list.
This keeps the child busy and also keeps them involved with the important parts of the reception. You can also offer a prize to the child who finds & photographs everything on their list first. It can be something as simple as a small bag of candy, to a toy trinket. Very young children may need a little assistance from older children or an adult/parent.

The above are some of the creative ways to keep kids happy at your wedding. If you are looking for all-around tips on how to design your Hudson Valley wedding then head down to our website. You can sign up to our FREE e-book that gives you plenty more tips for your dream wedding. 

What activities are you planning to have for the kids at your wedding? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment