Hudson Valley Wedding – 5 Cutest Color Combinations for Your Fall Wedding

Hudson Valley Wedding – 5 Cutest Color Combinations for Your Fall Wedding

Colors are such a big part of your wedding and you want to pay enough attention to selecting your theme colors. If you are still looking for the perfect color combination for your fall Hudson Valley wedding ceremony, then take a look at these five ideas.

1. Teal and Marigold

One of the hottest trends of the season is the beautiful, yet daring, combination of teal and marigold. These two go very well together and are the perfect colors for the fall season.

It is a good idea to pick one of these colors as the main color and then use the other one as an accent color. Teal and marigold are the perfect combination for bouquets and for the bridesmaid’s dresses. There are plenty of amazing ways to incorporate them to your wedding reception.

2. Aluminum and Red

If you are looking for something a bit more traditional and toned down, then aluminum and deep red make a very good combination. This is perfect for a modern fall wedding and you can only add the deep red in very subtle ways.

Aluminum makes it very easy to decorate your wedding reception and you can then use traditional red roses in your centerpieces as the accent color. Aluminum and red are also a very good combination for a vintage themed wedding.

3. Mauve and Cognac

One of the cutest combinations must definitely be the pairing of mauve and cognac. This makes a great soft color combination for your fall wedding. Together these two lovely colors give your wedding an almost dreamy, misty look.

Cognac is also a great color for the groomsmen to wear and you can add a bit of mauve to the look with simple mauve boutonnieres. For the bridesmaids, mauve dresses can be something cute to wear. 

4. Yellow and Chocolate Brown

Fall weddings are all about warm colors. If your wedding takes place in one of the amazing Hudson Valley outdoor wedding venues, then you should take advantage of the surrounding colors. Nature is full of amazing warm tones of yellow and chocolate brown during fall and these make a great color combination for weddings.

Use yellow as the main color and add chocolate brown in little details. You can use chocolate brown wooden furniture and naturally even use chocolate fondue as part of your wedding décor!

5. Cranberry and Chartreuse

Finally, cranberry and chartreuse make a very touching color combination for your fall wedding. This is a beautiful combination for the season and provides you plenty of ways to incorporate nature to your reception décor.

You can use chartreuse as the main color and add cranberry with the details. If you can, then you could even use cranberry branches as part of your centerpieces. 

The above color combinations are popular at the moment and will provide your fall wedding an amazing theme. For more similar tips, you can sign up on our website to receive your FREE copy of our most favorite wedding secrets. Together we can plan an amazing Hudson Valley wedding!
What are YOUR fall wedding colors?? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!! 

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment