Hudson Valley Wedding – 5 Halloween Wedding Ideas That Aren’t Over the Top

Hudson Valley Wedding – 5 Halloween Wedding Ideas That Aren’t Over the Top

Halloween is almost upon us and you might be wondering if you can combine this fantastic holiday with your wedding day. And there are fantastic ways to add a bit more Halloween to your Hudson Valley wedding.

But perhaps you are looking to stay away from spider webs and large pumpkin decorations. Maybe you are getting married near Halloween and just want to find subtle ways to celebrate this special occasion. The following five ideas are perfect for couples who want a bit of Halloween to their special day without it looking over the top.

1. Pumpkin Scented Candles

Of course, a fall Hudson Valley wedding is nothing without the good old pumpkins. When it comes to a Halloween wedding, they are just an essential décor idea. But if you don’t want to add pumpkin to your wedding décor as a physical presence, you can always take advantage of its fantastic scent.

If you are planning on having an intimate wedding, then scented candles are perfect for setting the mood. Pumpkin scented candles create this lovely cozy feeling to the room and make your space feel almost like home on a Halloween morning. It is definitely a subtle and fun way to add just a bit of Halloween to the air!

2. Black Lace Decorations

Black lace is a must-have for Halloween weddings. But it also isn’t an over the top decoration, as you could easily add a bit of black lace to the décor even outside the Halloween season. 
One beautiful idea is to get black lace placemats or table tunners for your tables. You can create an almost spider web-like look in a very elegant manner. In addition, you can use black lace as chair covers in the form of ribbons or just add a bit of black lace your escort cards and wedding favors.

3. Scary Names for Foods

You might want to stay away from using wedding food that looks like the crime scene, as this can easily look a bit cheesy or tacky. If you want to keep your wedding buffet elegant, you can always add a bit of fun to the menu by playing with the names. 

For example, your starting drink could be called a Green Love Poison, even though you are just serving up some mint mojitos. For main course, you could name your meatballs and cheese dip as Giant Eyeballs and Yellow Sludge. And red velvet cupcakes could turn into Blood Muffins! 

4. Music from Horror Movies

Of course, music is a fun way to set the mood and add a bit of horror flair to your wedding day. You could ask your Hudson Valley wedding DJ to create a playlist that includes some of the most loved horror movie songs. You could cut your cake to the tunes from Psycho or organize a group dance with friends to the eerily piano tunes from the Exorcist. 
Check out this list on Spotify for some good inspirational ideas:

5. Glow Stick Photography

Finally, if you aren’t interested in adding the usual Halloween-style props to your photo booth, you could create something different with glow sticks. Hire a professional Hudson Valley wedding photographer and ask him or her to take glow in the dark photos of your guests. With long exposure your guests can write a message or draw a picture in the air with the glow stick. These will definitely be spooky yet elegant and offer something unique for your wedding photo folder!

Hopefully, you find inspiration from the above Halloween ideas. For more tips on how to plan a Hudson Valley wedding, sign up on our website and receive your FREE COPY of wedding tips and secrets! 
What Halloween-themed ideas do you have in mind for YOUR wedding? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!  

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment