Hudson Valley Weddings – 10 Creative & Surprising Ways to Serve Champagne at Your Wedding

Hudson Valley Weddings – 10 Creative & Surprising Ways to Serve Champagne at Your Wedding

Champagne is the greatest drink of all time and you can’t plan your wedding without champagne. But there is much more to this amazing drink than just serving it as you toast your love and commitment. We wanted to share ten creative and surprising ways you can serve champagne at your Hudson Valley wedding.

1. Single Champagne Can

Naturally, champagne is the perfect way to toast the new couple at the wedding reception. But instead of going with the usual champagne glass, you could give each guest a little can of champagne. These are very cute and will add an instant twist to serving champagne.
 2. Berry and Bubbly Bar

Champagne is also the perfect match for berries. As dessert bars are gaining popularity, a cool and fun idea is to create a dessert bar serving berries and bubbly. You can have amazing seasonal berries topped with a bit of bubbly for a lighter yet amazingly tasty dessert.
 3. Scented Champagne

You probably knew that there are plenty of different champagne flavors out there. But did you know that you could also find scented champagne? If you are looking for a way to wow your guests, then serve them some scented champagne, such as lavender champagne.
 4. Champagne Tower

One amazingly elegant and timeless idea is to create a champagne tower. This will definitely be a show-stopper at your wedding ceremony and will get people talking. Champagne towers are a great way to decorate your dessert buffet.

5. Champagne Mojitos

Of course, champagne isn’t only tasty to drink on its own. In fact, you can come up with some of the best cocktails out there by adding a bit of champagne to the mix. Champagne mojitos are a great idea for a wedding reception. It makes a lovely cocktail hour drink.
  6. Champagne Jelly

You can also use champagne to create some amazing desserts. One of the cutest ways to serve champagne as part of your dessert menu is with champagne jellies. You could even serve a little champagne jelly as your guests arrive at the wedding venue. This is a fun alternative idea for a toast with a difference!
 7. Truffles and Champagne

If you are looking for a classic champagne idea, then there is nothing better than serving champagne together with truffles. If your Hudson Valley wedding is all about glamour, then this classic combination is a perfect idea.

8. Champagne Favors

You could also let your guests enjoy the bubbly as a memory of your wedding. Small champagne bottles make a great wedding favor. Naturally, you can even personalize the tags to ensure people can keep the empty bottle as a reminder of your beautiful wedding.
 9. Champagne from Teacups

You can also make serving champagne more fun by going with a surprising glass or cup for serving it. For instance, you could serve your champagne from tiny teacups. Champagne is a core part of the British afternoon tea and you can add a fun twist to this by serving your drink from a teacup.

10. Champagne Theme

Finally, you could build your whole wedding around this amazing drink. Champagne is a lovely and modern theme color for weddings. You can also create amazing centerpieces from champagne bottles. Just make sure you add a little bit of champagne to all of your wedding ideas!

Hopefully, you found the above ideas inspirational and fun. For more similar wedding tips, you should sign up for our FREE e-book to guarantee your Hudson Valley wedding goes according to plan!

What creative ways do YOU plan on serving champagne at YOUR wedding? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you!!!

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment