Hudson Valley Weddings – 10 Must Haves for Your New Year’s Eve Wedding

Hudson Valley Weddings – 10 Must Haves for Your New Year’s Eve Wedding

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for a fun-filled wedding. If you are planning to get hitched in Hudson Valley during the New Year’s Eve, then here are ten must-have ideas to utilize on your big wedding day.

1. Party Colors

When it comes to New Year’s Eve color scheme, you can’t go wrong with a combination of gold, silver, white and black. Pick any two of these and you’ll have a sophisticated and fun color scheme.

2. Champagne Cocktails

You can’t have a New Year’s Eve wedding without champagne. Instead of serving a traditional glass of champagne, add your own unique twist to the welcome toast. Instead of a drink, serve up a champagne jelly, for instance. You can find amazing champagne wedding ideas from our previous blog post.


3. Confetti Egg Escort Cards

Confetti is a key part of New Year’s Eve celebrations and you can include confetti to your wedding party in a creative way. Fill empty eggshells carefully with little confetti. Then write the table number and the name of the person onto the eggshell and use them as escort cards. Once your guests are at the table, they can crack the eggs open and throw confetti around as you make an entrance.


4. Clock Table Décor

Everyone will be anxiously looking at the clock anyway, so you can make it easier for your guests by including a clock to your table setting. Unique antique clocks or very modern table clocks add fun to your décor and ensure no one misses the big moment!


5. Balloon Table Numbers

Balloons are another essential item for New Year’s Eve weddings. You can use them in many different ways, but one of the cutest one is to opt for balloon table numbers. Floating balloons with the table number written on them creates a lovely look in the room. Use multiple balloons and tie a small candy on the bottom of the balloon for a fun snack before the meal!


6. Coffee Bar

Ensure your guests stay awake until midnight by organizing a coffee bar at your wedding reception. Little coffee snacks, such as popcorn, and special coffee drinks can give a bit of a boost to your guests and keep them up and dancing until the countdown begins.


7. New Year’s Eve Resolution Game

You can add a lovely twist to making resolutions by preparing them beforehand for your guests and adding resolutions that involve both you and the guest. For instance, fill a bowl with resolutions like ‘I will take the newlyweds to dinner this February’ or ‘I will send a letter to the newlyweds’ and have each guest pick a resolution.

8. A Party Playlist

Your New Year’s Eve wedding should definitely have a proper party playlist to ensure guests fill up the dance floor. You can find plenty of Hudson Valley wedding DJs that can help you with finding just the right songs for your big day. You’ll definitely want to include big hits like Harry Connick Jr’s ‘What Are you Doing New Year’s Eve‘,  Snoop Dog’s ‘New Year’s Eve’ and ‘Auld Lang Syne’ by Gloria Estefan.

9. Fiery Fireworks

You definitely need to have fireworks at your New Year’s Eve wedding. You can check with Hudson Valley firework display companies to see if they can organize a performance at your wedding venue. If you can’t get fireworks, then at least add a few indoor sparklers your guests can lit up near midnight.


10. A New Year’s Eve Ball

The famous New Year’s Eve ball should naturally feature at your wedding. You can create the ball yourself in glittery colors and add it on top of the dance floor, for instance. To make things even more fun, you can present your guests with their very own “Ball-drop” cupcake!
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