Hudson Valley Weddings – 10 Unique Boutonniere Ideas

Hudson Valley Weddings – 10 Unique Boutonniere Ideas

When it comes to weddings, the bride often gets plenty of attention. The bridal gown and the flower bouquet are often the most talked about things at a wedding ceremony. But the groom should also focus on his looks and add creative little details to his outfit. Today we wanted to give you ten unique ideas for boutonnieres. These sweet and fun ideas are perfect for a stylish Hudson Valley wedding.

1. A Cotton Ball

Cotton is such a lovely looking plant and with a few simple cotton flower balls you can create the sweetest of boutonnieres. You could even take cotton balls and just add a bit of wire around it to create your own boutonniere. This is a perfect idea for a lovely, rustic country wedding. 
2. A Feather

Another creative boutonniere idea is to create one from feathers. You could either use real bird feathers or opt for synthetic feathers in different colors. A feather boutonniere is beautiful because it allows you to highlight the theme colors of your wedding. 
3. Blueberry Branch

A boutonniere doesn’t need to be a flower. If your Hudson Valley wedding takes place in the autumn, then a blueberry branch boutonniere would be a perfect idea. You can even keep a few fresh blueberries attached to the branch if you want to add a more unique twist to your look.
4. A Knitted Heart

Sometimes DIY boutonnieres are the sweetest of them all. One of the sweetest ideas we’ve seen is to use a knitted heart as a boutonniere. This can be customized in a number of ways as well. You can add a lot of character by adding your initials to the knitted heart.
5. A Jewelry Piece

Naturally, you can always opt for a jewelry piece as well. There are plenty of crystal and stone boutonnieres available online. If your Hudson Valley wedding is very glamorous and elegant, then a jewelry piece might fit the ceremony the best.
6. A Pinecone

Another sweet idea for an autumn or a rustic-themed wedding is to go with a pinecone. Pinecone boutonnieres are available online or you could even make your own pinecone boutonniere. If you want to customize it, you can always spray paint the pinecone.
7. A Mini Pumpkin

This boutonniere idea is perhaps the best for either a Halloween-themed wedding or a harvest-themed wedding. A mini pumpkin can be very cute and it will add a lovely princess-y element to the ceremony. 
8. Keys

Getting married is all about starting your life together and giving away the key to your heart. Therefore, a key-themed boutonniere is such a lovely idea for your wedding look. You can go with a single key boutonniere or add two keys in a beautiful keychain.

9. A Toy Car

These last two ideas are perfect for groom’s that have a specific passion. The first idea is to opt for a toy car boutonniere. You can use an old antique toy car and just attach a little clipping mechanism to it. Naturally, you could opt for a toy airplane or a train as well.
10. A Sporty Piece

Finally, you can go with a sporty boutonniere. A lot of guys might want to highlight their love for basketball, baseball, football or soccer with a tiny boutonniere of the balls and other equipment used in the specific sport. For a sporty couple this can be a very quirky and sweet idea.

Hopefully, the above boutonniere ideas inspired you! If you are looking for more tips for planning your dream Hudson Valley wedding, then sign up on our website and receive your FREE copy of our top wedding secrets. 

What creative ideas do you have for your groomsmen’s boutonnieres? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment