Hudson Valley Weddings – 15 Fun Getting Ready Songs for Your Wedding Day

Hudson Valley Weddings – 15 Fun Getting Ready Songs for Your Wedding Day

The processional, the first dance, the father/daughter dance… These are usually the things that come to mind when you think about wedding music. But any good Hudson Valley wedding DJ will tell you that there is much more to wedding music than just the traditional songs and moments. In fact, you should definitely add a bit of music to your entire wedding day.

As a bride, getting ready can be both fun and nerve-wracking, but luckily a bit of good music can calm down your nerves in an instant. If you are getting dressed in the morning with your bridesmaids, then you want to include a playlist of happy and cheerful songs to your special moment. These are just some of the getting ready songs that you should add to your playlist.

Something to Start the Party

Naturally, you need to have plenty of good party songs on your playlist. This is the last moment you’ll be hanging out with your friends as a single girl, so you better do a few dance moves before you get dressed in your wedding gown.

Busting a few dance moves is also a great way to calm nerves and release that wedding tension. Of course, you don’t want to be jumping around too much!

Something to Celebrate the Special Occasion

Of course, this isn’t your average getting ready for a night out with friends occasion. You are preparing to celebrate your Hudson Valley wedding together with friends and family. Therefore, these lovely wedding-related love songs are the perfect tunes to add to your getting ready playlist.

Something to Cherish the Moment

Finally, you need to add a few beautiful slow songs to sweeten the mood. Although you want memorable and touching songs to capture the moment, don’t play songs that will make you cry too much. Getting ready on your wedding day will be emotional enough without listening to love songs that just push you over the edge.

If you feel like it, the following songs are quite beautiful for a getting ready playlist. Naturally, you should just pick the ones that won’t cause uncontrollable crying!

The above tunes are some of the perfect songs to add to your getting ready playlist. If you are looking for more wedding music tips, then professional and experienced Hudson Valley wedding DJs can help you create the best playlists for each step of the wedding. You should take a look at our website and also sign up to receive YOUR FREE COPY of the best wedding secrets to a perfect Hudson Valley Wedding!

What songs are you planning on listening to as you get ready during YOUR wedding day? Let me know – I’d love hear from you!
Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director/Ordained Wedding Officiant
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