Hudson Valley Weddings – 4 Creative Winter Wedding Photo Ideas

Hudson Valley Weddings – 4 Creative Winter Wedding Photo Ideas

Winter weddings are a beautiful occasion that will create many picture-perfect photos to your wedding album. Although the cold Hudson Valley weather might put you off from taking photos outdoors, you should definitely brave the weather and take some amazing scenic photos.
If you are looking for winter wedding photo inspiration, here are a four creative ideas to keep in mind.


Make the Most of Snow

 If there’s snow during your photo session and on the big day itself, you want to make the most of it in your photos. The opportunities are almost endless when it comes to creating the perfect snow-filled photos.
Drawing in the snow is one great way to make the most of this magical ingredient. You can draw a lovely hearth shape in the snow and have you and your groom kiss inside it. You can also write the wedding date in snow.
On the other hand, you can be playful and take shots where you are about to throw some snowballs towards each other. You may also have your ushers and bridesmaid gather around you and throw snow in the air while you kiss.
If you have a bit of time, try creating beautiful snow lanterns and take a few photos in the evening as the darkness falls.


Dark Scenic Landscapes

Hudson Valley’s wedding venues offer plenty of amazing backgrounds for photos and the locations look lovely during the dark winter nights. Even if there’s no snow, the dark forests can add plenty of glamorous drama to your wedding photos.
Take a photo with a dark scenic landscape in the background by hiding inside a comfortable, warm blanket. You can have sparklers or candles surrounding you two as well.
If you live near the beach, then you can take winter wedding photos on the beach as well. The stormy, frosty water will add plenty of drama to your photos.


Snuggle Near the Fire

Winter weddings should always feature a fireplace to add a bit of warmth to the season. You could take wedding photos by snuggling near the fire with your groom.
You could also roast some chestnuts or even marshmallows for a bit more relaxed photos. You can include both parents to this fun moment as well. Furthermore, you could even add an open fire pit to your outdoor photos. Having the whole wedding party warm around a campsite will bring back plenty of lovely memories of the day.

Outside Looking In

One amazing way to highlight the warm atmosphere at your wedding is by taking a few shots through the window. Your photographer could be standing outside and taking photos of you and the wedding party enjoying your time indoors. This will add a lovely warm flavor to your photos.
Alternatively, you could take a fun photo by standing outside in the snow while your photographer snaps pictures from the other side of the window.
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What are some MUST HAVE photo ideas for YOUR winter wedding? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!!
Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director/Ordained Wedding Officiant
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