Hudson Valley Weddings – 5 Fun and Unique Alternatives for Your Guestbook

Hudson Valley Weddings – 5 Fun and Unique Alternatives for Your Guestbook

Your wedding day is the best day of your life and you want to take a trip down memory lane to relive this day every once in awhile. Therefore, you want to ensure you get the best memories of the day. When it comes to wedding memories, there is nothing better than remembering your amazing Hudson Valley wedding with your guests. In order to do this, a good guestbook is always a handy thing to have at your wedding. But there are plenty of fun and creative alternatives to the traditional wedding guestbook. Here are five of our favorites!

1)JENGA blocks

One of the most interactive ideas to use as a guestbook is JENGA blocks. This game is such a fun game and you can make it even more fun by having your guests sign individual blocks with a small message. This way whenever you are playing with your husband, you can also read the personal messages your wedding guests wrote to you.
  2)A Polaroid Photo Book

You can also add a little twist to your wedding guestbook by creating it completely from Polaroid pictures. All you need is an empty book and a Polaroid camera. Have someone in charge taking a picture of each of your guests and then have the person sign it. You can just glue the photo on the empty pages and you have a lovely memory of your wedding.
 3)Key To Success Panel

Alternatively, you could go with a cute word play on your guestbook. You can have little keys in a jar and next to it small pieces of paper that can be slipped in to the key. Then have a big panel where you can pin the keys to hang. Each guest is supposed to write down their key message to a successful marriage along with their names. Once done, they hang the key from the panel. This is a quirky memory for you and reading the little tips will be a lot of fun.
  4)A Short Story

Your guests can also write a short story for you instead of just their names. If you are having a vintage themed wedding, then you can even let them write the story with an old typewriter. The idea is that each wedding guest will write down one sentence to continue the little story. They can also leave their own name in brackets after the sentence, so you know who wrote what.
 5)A Large Painting

If you two are very artistic and creative, then a large painting can also work as a guestbook. Instead of having a big book filled with names, have an empty canvas where your guests need to paint a small image to represent them. This is a fun way to see what each guest comes up with and you can hang it on your wall later on for a lovely decorative piece.

The above ideas are such fun and unique ways to replace the traditional guestbook. For more such ideas, you should sign up on our website and you’ll receive your FREE copy of the best wedding secrets to an amazing Hudson Valley wedding. 
Do you have a fun & unique idea for YOUR wedding guestbook? Let me know- I’d love to hear from you!! 

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment