Hudson Valley Weddings – 5 of the Best Locations for Engagement Photos in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Weddings – 5 of the Best Locations for Engagement Photos in the Hudson Valley

When you get engaged you’ll need to start making a lot of decisions regarding your engagement party and the future wedding. Engagement photos are a great way to let your loved ones know about this big occasion. But finding the perfect location can be difficult, especially here in the Hudson Valley area. The Hudson Valley is full of amazing locations and selecting the right one for you depends a lot on your personal preference. Nevertheless, these following Hudson Valley locations are especially worth keeping in mind.

1. Bear Mountain State Park

If you want a romantic and dramatic location for your engagement photos, then Bear Mountain is definitely a great choice. This amazing park offers plenty of amazing and unique scenes for your photos. There is anything from rugged mountain views to fantastic Hudson Valley river views. It is a breathtaking location that suits an easy-going couple.

Photo by Amanda Picone Photography
Photo by Al Ojeda Photography

You can find more information about the park and about the permits you might need from their website.

2. Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens (otherwise known as Pepsico Sculpture Garden/Stone Park)

For an adventurous and modern couple, the Donald M. Sculpture Gardens at the Pepsico World Headquarters is a great choice. This location offers some amazing urban art that will provide a funky backdrop for your photo session. The garden is especially beautiful during the fall season when all the trees catch some color. 

Photo by Photography by Natalia
Photo by Myles Studio Photography

You can check out the scenery from the Urban By Design website. 

3. Innisfree Garden

The Hudson Valley has plenty of amazing natural locations and the Innisfree Garden is among the best spots for photos. The garden offers plenty of different locations for stunning photos and there is an amazing oriental-feel to this garden. You can also find plenty of natural life in the park. Innisfree Garden provides plenty of romance for your engagement photos. 

Photo by Maximilian B. Nucci Photography
Photo by Small Moments Studios

Find out more about the garden and photo-shoot permissions from the website.

4. Vanderbilt Mansion

Naturally, the Hudson Valley area isn’t just about amazing landscapes. There is some amazing architecture in this region and a number of great buildings to act as a backdrop for your photos. On top of the amazing scenery, these buildings can also be a safer option in case the weather acts up. 

Photo by Frog Hollow Photography
Photo by Kristine Palmer Photography

The Vanderbilt Mansion is one such amazing location for engagement photos. This historical building offers plenty of romance and elegance for your photo-shoot. You can take great photos inside or outside the mansion as well.

For more information, you can visit the official website.

5. Mohonk Mountain House

Another great location for your engagement photos is the Mohonk Mountain House. Just like the Vanderbilt Mansion, you can find plenty of stunning indoor and outdoor spots in this location. There are a lot of historical buildings that create a nice, romantic backdrop for your photos. The dramatic scenery of the nearby mountains also adds plenty more drama to your photos.

Check out the website gallery for some photo inspiration.

The above locations are some of the best places for engagement photos in the Hudson Valley. The region offers plenty of beautiful locations for your big day. We can assist you in finding an amazing Hudson Valley photographer to take YOUR stunning engagement pictures!  You can find tips on the best places to get married in the Hudson Valley from our previous blog post as well. And remember to sign up for our FREE e-book to find the best bridal secrets for the perfect wedding! 

Do you have a special location picked out for YOUR engagement photos? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!!

Happy Planning!

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