Hudson Valley Weddings – 5 Ways To Include Your Pets In Your Wedding

Hudson Valley Weddings – 5 Ways To Include Your Pets In Your  Wedding
Weddings are all about spending your most special day together with your loved ones. But sometimes your loved ones might not have two legs to stand on and they come in a very furry coating! Pets often miss out on your biggest day, but it doesn’t need to be so.
First check with your venue to make sure your pets will be allowed to participate!!! If you get the green light, then there are plenty of ways you can include your pets into your wedding ceremony & reception. Take a look at these five cute and creative ideas.
1. The Wedding Invitation
If you can’t have your pet physically present at the ceremony, you can always include the pet in the wedding invitation. A cute photo with your pet and ‘save the date’-sign can be a lovely way to ensure your friends and family know how much your pet means to you.
There are plenty of ways you can do it from traditional photo invitations to imaginative palm prints and pet silhouettes. Just use your imagination and have your furry friend involved.
 2. Walk Down The Aisle
You can also have your pet involved at the start of the ceremony by walking down the aisle with them. You can either walk down with the pet yourself or have your flower girls and boys do it. 
And if you have a bigger pet, such as a horse, then why not ride down to the wedding venue on top of your lovely friend? There are plenty of people who’ve used their own horse as a form of transport during the big day!
3. The Ring Bearer
You could also bestow your pet with the honorary position of being the ring bearer. Whether you have a dog or a bird, they can always have the ring gently tied around their neck. Naturally, it’s a good idea to have a plan B, as well as to rehearse the whole procedure a few times. 
4. Wedding Photos
Of course, you can also just choose someone to bring down your pet when you take the wedding photos. It can be a lovely addition to your wedding photos and it will be a nice way to make your photos a little bit more personal.
In addition, if your pet is well behaved you can let your guests take photos with the pet. There are plenty of examples where couples have taken a group wedding photo and had their pets be part of the picture! This is a fun way to let your friends and family hang out with your furry friends.
5. Decorations And Photo Montages
Finally, you can have your pet around even in the decorations. If it is impossible to have your pet at the wedding, then a few special decorations will guarantee the pet is present in spirit. For instance, you can create cake toppers with your pet or add the pet’s silhouette into napkins.
On top of this, you can have a photomontage at your wedding that also includes pictures of your furry friend. For example, we here at Platinum Party Events can create a beautiful photomontage of you as a couple from your photos that will then be displayed at the wedding ceremony. Naturally, you can incorporate your pets in the photos as much as you like!
Some other important tips: You will want to make sure your pet is well behaved and will not steal the spotlight off of you – this is YOUR day, after all!! Make sure you have a lint roller on hand in case your pet sheds like crazy – you don’t want anyone full of pet hair in your pictures! And if you have a pet who will be on a leash – you can jazz it up with a lovely floral look!
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Are you having your pet as a part of YOUR wedding celebration? Let me know how you plan to do it! I’d love to hear from you! 
Happy Planning!
Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment