Hudson Valley Weddings – 6 Creative Ways to Serve Beer at Your Wedding

Hudson Valley Weddings – 6 Creative Ways to Serve Beer at Your Wedding

Drinks are naturally an essential part of a successful wedding ceremony. If you want to guarantee your friends have a good time and that your wedding menu is different and fun, then this blog post will help you do just that.

You might think that beer is a boring choice for weddings, but there are plenty of creative ways to serve this tasty drink at your wedding. Here are 6 ideas for serving beer at your Hudson Valley wedding and doing it in a fun and creative way.

Home Brew Your Own Beer

One of the coolest ways to include beer at your wedding is to brew it yourself. Brewing beer at home isn’t all that difficult and it will definitely be something your guests are not expecting. 

The great thing about home brewed beer is that you can also personalize your labels. Make fabulous beer labels for the beer and consider giving a bottle for each guest as a wedding favor!

Mix It Up

Beer is a much more versatile drink than many people think. You don’t need to serve beer on its own at your wedding ceremony. If you mix it together with something else, such as lemonade, you have a refreshing cocktail ready. A beer, lemonade mix is a fun alternative to champagne. The Drinks Business website has other great beer cocktail ideas for you to look at.
Local Flavors

You can also create a big beer bar at your wedding and serve the best selection of local flavors. Hudson Valley is famous for its amazing beer breweries and you can add plenty of tasty beers to your bar by going local.

Create a beer van outside where people can go and sample different local beers. You can serve the beer together with bacon pieces and salty nuts, for example.

Use Beer as a Centerpiece

The centerpiece doesn’t always need to be a flower bouquet. In fact, you can add a bit of fun to your wedding tables by using beer bottles as the centerpiece. You could have a hollowed out pumpkin that you fill with beer bottles and ice. This is a great thematic idea or just perfect for fall in general. 
 Serve Beer from Kegs

Beer kegs can actually be quite a lovely way to decorate as well. This is especially a nice idea, if you are having a rustic wedding or having your wedding outdoors. Get your beer in large kegs that allow your guests to fill up their own beer glasses. You can decorate your kegs with flower wreathes or even hang some decorative lights around the keg.

 Creative Containers to Match Your Wedding Theme

 You can also place your beer bottles into a creative container, depending on your wedding theme. For example, a travel themed wedding could have the beers served from large suitcases and if you are having a nautical wedding at one of the best Hudson Valley river locations, you can serve the beer from a small boat. 

Hopefully, the above ideas inspire you to include beer in creative ways at your wedding. And when you are serving beer, you also want the best Hudson Valley wedding DJs to add some music to your wedding party. Check out our website for more information.
Have some creative ways to serve beer at YOUR wedding? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!!
Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
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