Hudson Valley Weddings – 6 Fantastic Garden Wedding Ideas

Hudson Valley Weddings – 6 Fantastic Garden Wedding Ideas

If you are looking for a lovely and intimate wedding ceremony location, then the Hudson Valley area truly offers plenty of amazing spots to choose from. When it comes to the best Hudson Valley wedding venues, there is nothing better than having your wedding at one of the great garden venues. Garden weddings are such a lovely and intimate occasion. To make your garden wedding amazing, here are six fantastic ideas to keep in mind.

1. Wild Flower Decorations

When it comes to décor ideas, garden weddings should have plenty of flowers around the ceremony venue. The cutest option is to go with wild flowers, as these add a touch of softness to your location. Keep the color code in mind when you are picking your flowers and remember to add some creative finishing touches.


One lovely idea is to gather your wild flowers into small steel buckets or mason jars. Hang the buckets/jars from the aisle seats for cute ceremony décor. You could also make lovely wild flower wreaths and scatter them around your garden location.

2. Light Up Your Location

Garden weddings aren’t only for a daytime party. In fact, you can often add a lot more intimacy to your wedding reception by holding it as the night falls. Hudson Valley’s garden wedding spaces often have plenty of ways to light up your party venue even when it gets dark.


The easiest way to add some more sparkle to your evening wedding is with candles. If your garden venue has trees, then you could hang little lanterns with candles from the branches. Outdoor garden lights can often be hung from bushes and are a great way to light up your wedding space.

3. English Afternoon Tea

When it comes to the wedding menu for garden weddings, a proper English afternoon tea party is such a lovely idea. It is very easy to put together and will be something fun for everyone to enjoy. 


Add plenty of floral, Victorian-type pieces to your garden wedding and remember to serve a traditional afternoon tea menu. This would include tasty treats like scones and different jams as well as a selection of finger sandwiches.

4. Surprise with Proper Furniture

Most garden weddings have traditional garden furniture or even a picnic style setting for relaxing and sitting down. But it might be possible to display proper indoor furniture to your garden wedding as a lovely surprise. 


You can use a wooden table with comfy chairs and even get some sofas transported into the garden. This adds a warm element of elegance to your garden wedding and provides people with a relaxing environment to enjoy the food and entertainment. 

5. Build a Small Dance Floor

If the garden is on a very uneven terrain, it might be a good idea to build a small dance floor, which ensures your guests get to enjoy dancing. Creating a small, transferable dance floor isn’t too difficult. You can find companies in the Hudson Valley region to help you achieve this.


Even if you are having the garden party in your own garden, you can build a small dance area. Use wooden or laminate planks or even garden stones. This guarantees you get to enjoy dancing even as you are outdoors.

6. Complement Your Surroundings

Finally, it is a key thing to remember that your surroundings are already very pretty and decorative. When you are picking the colors for your garden wedding, keep in mind what colors are already in use in the specific garden. You probably have plenty of greens and other natural colors and you want your own decorations to emphasize these colors.


Add softer colors such as pink and lilac. Don’t go for anything too bright or anything too dark, as these can contradict the softness and neutrality of your garden location.


Hopefully, the above ideas give you inspiration for a great Hudson Valley garden wedding. If you want to find more great wedding tips, you should sign up to receive our FREE e-book!

What ideas do you have in mind for YOUR garden-themed wedding? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you!
Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment