Hudson Valley Weddings – 6 Fun Groom’s Cake Ideas

Hudson Valley Weddings – 6 Fun Groom’s Cake Ideas

A groom’s cake is a sweet wedding tradition to celebrate your groom’s passion and personality. It’s a good idea to put some thought behind the cake and pick a design and flavor your groom would love. As the cake is often displayed close to the actual wedding cake, you can also keep the design of the main cake in mind.
When it comes to flavors, the most popular ones include chocolate, liquor-soaked cakes and cheesecakes, but the possibilities are endless! To help you with design ideas, here are six fun groom’s cake ideas for your Hudson Valley wedding!


1. A Tribute to His Favorite Sport Cake

Your groom might be passionate about sports and that makes a great idea for a groom’s cake. You can pick his favorite sport and create a cake from the main equipment used in the sport. For example, you could go with a giant football and a football helmet or have your cake look like an ice-hockey rink or baseball stadium.
If your groom is passionate about a specific team, then make the cake look like the team’s jersey. If you don’t want to have the cake looking too complex, you can always create a simple multi-tier round cake and cover it with icing in the teams colors and symbols!

Cake by Abby’s Desert Bar, Verplank, NY

2. Layers of Books Cake

For grooms that love to read, you can create a fun cake that looks like a pile of books. You could select his top 5 or 10 favorite books and recreate the covers on the side of the cake and have his favorite book cover designed on the top.


This idea also works with grooms that love traveling, as you can make the cake look like a pile of travel books. 



3. A Funky Food Cake

You could also play with the cake and use your groom’s favorite food or drink as the inspiration. For instance, your groom might be a big fan of pizza and the groom’s cake could be a pizza box with ‘a slice of pizza on top’. 

Photo courtesy of Dawn Stewart of Novella’s New Paltz

Other food inspired cakes could be a sushi cake, with small sushi roll decorations on top of a simple cake base that looks like a wooden plate. A condiment cake, such as a giant ketchup bottle, is also a fun idea if your groom is always adding condiments to his foods.

On the other hand, you could also create a big beer keg cake or if your future husband is a passionate Starbuck’s drinker, you can make the cake look like a big Starbuck’s cup!

Cake by Cake Beautiful – Chester, NY


4. Cake Fit for Movie Stars

There are also plenty of fun ideas for movie-inspired groom’s cake. A very modern cake idea is to go with a black and white film-reel cake. You can create a cake by having multiple film-reels layered on top of each other. An old-fashioned camera would also look great, especially if your Hudson Valley wedding has a vintage-theme.
If your groom has a favorite movie, you can always create the movie poster for the movie. If the movie has a very famous character or a scene, a fun idea is to recreate this with your cake.

Cake by Cake Beautiful – Chester, NY

5. A Retro/Vintage Cake

If you are going with a vintage retro-theme at your wedding and your groom has a specific favorite from the past, you could use it as inspiration for your cake. For example, an old arcade-themed cake would be awesome for a man who loves his games.
You could also go with a vintage car or a retro piece of furniture as the inspiration for your cake. Old-fashioned planes are also a cute groom’s cake idea.


6. A Techie Gadget Cake

Technology fans would love to get a gadget-themed groom’s cake. It could either be a giant iPhone or a big TV-screen with his favorite show playing or you could opt for a laptop-themed cake instead.


If your groom is into engineering, then even a circuit board or a cake full of wires could be a fun surprise.  

If you are getting your groom’s cake from one of our amazing Hudson Valley wedding bakeries, you should draw some ideas on paper and check if they are able to create your dream cake. If you want to make the cake yourself, you can often find plenty of model ideas online. 
I’d like to thank the following 3 Hudson Valley bakeries for sharing pictures of their amazing work – please make sure to check them out when looking for a groom’s cake for YOUR wedding!

(1)Abby’s Dessert Bar – Verplank, NY – (914) 400-5376 –
(Here are a few other amazing groom’s cakes by Abby’s Dessert Bar:)


(2)Just Like Nana’s – Yonkers, NY – (646) 673-1943, (646) 468-9229 –

Here are a few other wonderful cakes by Just Like Nana’s – they will also be at the Sinapi’s Ceola Manor Bridal show in Jefferson Valley, NY on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 from 5:30-8:30
 (click HERE for ticket info


(3)Cake Beautiful – Chester, NY – (845) 545-4611
(Some other wonderful cakes by Cake Beautiful:)



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What cute & fun ideas do you have for the groom’s cake for YOUR wedding? Let me know – I’d love to hear your ideas!! 
Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
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