Hudson Valley Weddings – 6 Sweet Ideas For Your Flower Girls

Hudson Valley Weddings – 6 Sweet Ideas For Your Flower Girls

When you think about weddings, one of the first images that comes to mind are the sweet little flower girls. If you’ve got small children in your family, then having a group of flower girls walk you down the aisle is a touching scene. We wanted to help all the Hudson Valley couples on how to find some ideas on how to make your flower girls stand out. Check out these six sweet and fun ideas.

1. Cute Cowboy Boots and Hats

If your wedding has a bit of a rustic, country theme, then you can highlight this theme with your flower girl outfits as well. You can get them cute cowboy boots and hats to wear! This looks so cute and it will even suit any possible flower boys you might have.


Cowboy hats and boots will be a lovely outfit for the perfect outdoor Hudson Valley wedding venues. If you are looking for the perfect venue, you should take a look at our previous blog post.

2. Ethnic Dresses

If your wedding theme is more of an exotic or bohemian theme, then ethnic flower girl dresses are a great idea. This is also a lovely idea for couples with a mixed ethnic background and cultural ties. If you got family from another country, you can see if there is a national dress to use in that specific culture.


There are plenty of amazing ethnic dresses on the market at the moment. Ethnic patterns are very trendy right now, so you won’t have problems finding something cute.

3. Flower Crowns

If your Hudson Valley wedding takes place in the summer, then fresh wild-flower crowns are a lovely idea. These will be so cute and the girls are guaranteed to love to wear one.


The great thing about flower crowns is that you can even make them yourself. You can find fantastic instructions on how to make a flower crown from this Molly Makes article.

4. Fairy Wings

Naturally, there is something all little girls love,… to be a fairy princess. Therefore, if you want to give your flower girls the option to have their time as a beautiful fairy princess, you need to attach little fairy wings to their outfits. 


Fairy wings are such a cute idea and it’s a perfect look for a glamorous wedding. You can also pick the fairy wings in the theme color of your wedding.

5. Ballerina Dresses

Another way to make sure your flower girls feel like princesses is by dressing them up in ballerina dresses. If your Hudson Valley wedding will be filled with music and dance entertainment, then this is the perfect way to set the scene as well! You can have your flower girls dance their way up the ceremony aisle in the cutest of outfits.


6. Beautiful Facemasks

This idea isn’t really about painting a facemask to your flower girls, although that is quite a cute idea as well. But the idea is that your flower girls would be wearing a carnival themed facemask. 


Venetian facemasks are very beautiful and this theme would be perfect for weddings. Naturally, the facemask is also removable, so your flower girls don’t need to wear them throughout the day. You can find a tutorial for a basic Venetian facemask at Klaire De Lys’ website.

Hopefully, our six flower girl ideas will inspire you. You should sign up for our FREE e-book on the biggest wedding secrets to ensure you know how to plan the best Hudson Valley wedding!
What ideas do you have for your flowergirls at YOUR wedding?? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!!

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
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