Hudson Valley Weddings – 6 Sweet Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

Hudson Valley Weddings – 6 Sweet Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

The fall offers plenty of unique wedding theme ideas and if you are getting married near Thanksgiving, then this holiday can be the perfect wedding inspiration. We absolutely love Thanksgiving themed weddings and have gathered our favorite Thanksgiving-themed wedding ideas for you.

1. Perfect rustic colors

A Thanksgiving wedding is best created with the right use of rustic colors. It’s naturally a good idea to go with traditional orange as a theme color, but there are other lovely rustic colors you can incorporate into your wedding as well.


For example, lilac and gray can be great additions to your color palette. On top of this, rustic weddings often have plenty of green and different shades of brown, which can look beautiful.


2. Beautiful vintage dresses

Naturally, you don’t need to go with a full Puritan-themed dress, but there are plenty of fashionable ideas you can pick for your wedding gown from the era. Vintage wedding dresses are very popular at the moment and a beautiful Puritan-themed gown can truly stun your guests.


You can also add something from the style for the groomsmen’s look. With some modern twists you can dress for the theme in a modern manner. You can find plenty of ideas for puritan style dress online. 


3. The right venue

When it comes to a Thanksgiving wedding, the wedding location is crucial. The holiday is all about celebrating the end of the harvest and you want to pick a Hudson Valley wedding venue that highlights nature as well as harvest.

Bear Mountain Lodge
Mohonk Mountain House

Twin Lakes Lodge
Lippincott Manor

The Garrison
Red Maple Vineyard
Onteora Mountain House

Falkirk Estate

West Hills Country Club

If you can’t get near nature, then you can always add a bit of the harvest-look to your décor with dried leaves and wooden branches, for instance.

4. Fun-filled music

Your Thanksgiving wedding should also incorporate plenty of fun musical entertainment for the guests to enjoy. Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the year and dancing is a great way to have fun. 

Hudson Valley DJs can create you a soundtrack that is perfect for Thanksgiving. From traditional harvest songs to modern pop-tunes, a good Thanksgiving playlist will get your guests dancing all night long. For some cool Thanksgiving-themed songs – check out some ideas here: Thanksgiving Wedding Music

5. Traditional menu

Of course, a proper Thanksgiving wedding is nothing without a proper menu. You should definitely try to incorporate all the best Thanksgiving foods to your wedding menu. 

You can naturally change it all around a little bit, to ensure your guests don’t find the menu boring. Instead of serving turkey carvings, you can create amazing turkey sandwiches and serve pumpkin ice cream instead of pumpkin pie. You can even try some turkey burger sliders with sweet potato fries during your cocktail hour! Mix it around a bit, but make sure you add all the traditional flavors. 

6. Harvest wedding favors

Finally, you can provide your guests with a lovely Thanksgiving-themed wedding favor. Naturally, as it is a harvest celebration, it is a good idea to go with something ‘harvested’. Your very own maple syrup or a jar of preserved pumpkin chutney can be a lovely gift idea. You could even brew your own pumpkin beer!


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Getting married around Thanksgiving? What harvest ideas do you have for YOUR Thanksgiving wedding? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you! 

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
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