Hudson Valley Weddings – 7 Amazingly Cute Ways to Use Wine Corks at Your Wedding

Hudson Valley Weddings – 7 Amazingly Cute Ways to Use Wine Corks at Your Wedding

The best wedding décor doesn’t need to cost a fortune. In fact, DIY-weddings have long been a big hit and there are plenty of elegant and cute ideas for DIY-décor. One of the cutest ideas is to utilize old wine corks at your wedding reception. As Hudson Valley is known for its great wine, this will add a great personalized, local touch to your wedding. Check out these seven ideas.

1. Wine Cork Invitations

If you have plain wine corks, then why not use them for your wedding invitation? You can just write down the date and the place into the wine cork and send it to your guests. Another option is having a cork paper invitation. This is a creative alternative to the usual card invitation. You can also find other creative alternative wedding invitation ideas from our previous blog post.

2. Wine Cork Signs

You can also glue wine corks together and create a lovely sign. You can then use this sign to direct your guests to the right spot at the wedding venue. Wine cork signs are great because you can either draw your monograms onto the surface or even pin cardboard monograms to it for a personal touch.


3. Wine Cork Boutonniere

Your boutonniere doesn’t need to just be a simple flower. There are plenty of creative boutonniere ideas and using a wine cork is one of them. You can either pin a flower to the wine cork or just simply use the cork as a plain and elegant boutonniere. 

4. Escort Cards and Table Numbers

Wine corks also make great decorative elements to your wedding reception. You can use them for both the escort cards and the table numbers. You can pin or tie your escort card to the wine cork and then create a table number holder with the same method. 

Naturally, you could even create a large table number by gluing the corks together to form the number. And if your wedding has a specific theme color, you can always brighten up the space by painting the wine corks with the theme color.

5. A Cork Guestbook

A few weeks ago we here at Platinum Party Events blogged about some of the creative alternative guestbook ideas that you can use at your wedding. On top of those ideas, you could also create a wine cork guestbook. All you need to do is provide a bowl of plain wine corks and a good water resistant pen. Guests can then write down their name and message to you and add the cork into another bowl!

6. Wedding Cake Card Box

You could also create a fabulous card box that can also double as a guest book. Just get some craft hat boxes and some pre-cut corks to hot glue to them, along with any kind of ribbons &/or flower decorations of your choice. Guests can then pin their wishes to the card box after they finish placing their wedding card for you to the outside of the box!

7. Wine Cork Wedding Favor

You could also provide your guests a cute DIY wedding favor that uses wine corks. A wine cork coaster is a lovely and elegant wedding favor that will be both practical and a fun memory for your guests.

You can find instructions for a wine cork coaster on the Internet. For instance, check out this idea at the My Life as a Teacup blog.

The above ideas are perfect way to make your wedding décor a little bit cheaper yet still elegant. For more ideas for a perfect Hudson Valley wedding you should check out our blog and website. Together we can create a perfect Hudson Valley wedding for you!
Do you have some creative ways to use wine corks at YOUR wedding?? Let me know-I’d love to hear from you!! 

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment