Hudson Valley Weddings – 7 Creative Invitation Ideas for Holiday Themed Weddings

Hudson Valley Weddings – 7 Creative Invitation Ideas for Holiday Themed Weddings

Your wedding invitations are the perfect way to highlight your wedding theme for the guests. The colors and images you use will let the guests know what to expect at your wedding. If you are getting married during the holiday season, then there are plenty of beautiful ways to add a bit of holiday flair to your wedding, especially with your invitations.

Here are seven creative invitation ideas for your Hudson Valley wedding during the holiday season:

1. A Beautiful Leaf Invitation

If your wedding takes place at the start of the holiday season, you could add a bit of that magical holiday feeling with a leaf shaped invitation. You can get a wedding invitation in a classic maple leaf design, for example. 

Go with beautiful fall colors, such as orange and dark yellow. You can find leaf shaped invitations online or just make them yourself, as this a very straightforward look.

2. An Acorn Embellished Invitation

Another beautiful wedding invitation for the early holiday season is an acorn-inspired invitation. You could just have a simple acorn embellishment in your invitations. You can also opt to utilize the lovely brown acorn shades in the color theme and then attach a small acorn into the invitation. 

3. A Mistletoe Invitation

If your wedding is inspired by a Christmas theme, or you are just getting married near this holiday, mistletoe gives plenty of playful wedding invitation ideas. One of the cutest ideas is to include small mistletoe to the wedding invitation. You can even use a play of words in the invitation and ask “Who will you kiss under the mistletoe on xx?”, xx being your wedding date.

If you don’t feel like attaching real mistletoe to each invitation, you can just opt for a red and green invitation with mistletoe embellishment.

4. A Christmas Tree Ornament Invitation

For a playful and beautiful holiday-inspired invitation you could send your invitation inside an ornament. Find beautiful glass ornament with some glitter or sparkles attached in your wedding’s theme color. Include your wedding invitation inside the ornament. 

You can just use a regular paper invitation and include a Christmas ornament with the invitation. For example, have your wedding date written on the ornament with a golden marker, so people can use it as a Christmas décor for years to come.

5. A Classic Christmas Tree Invitation

Naturally,  a Christmas tree is the perfect symbol for a holiday-inspired wedding. You can include Christmas trees to your wedding invitations with embellishments, cutting the invitation in the tree shape or even by using a photo of your own childhood Christmas tree.

6. A Glittery Firework Invitation

If your wedding takes place after Christmas, you may wish to celebrate the New Year with your wedding invitations. Of course, as New Year’s parties are all about fun and sparkles, so you should add plenty of glittery explosions to your wedding invitation.

A black invitation with a faint glittery firework at the background and sharp white text would look amazing. You can also have a foldable card with the fireworks at the front and the text on the inside.

7. A Champagne Bottle Invitation

‘The message in the bottle’-invitation has long been a favorite and the idea would suit a holiday-inspired wedding invitation very well. If your Hudson Valley wedding takes place after Christmas a small champagne bottle with the invitation inside is a perfect launch to the New Year! You can also have the invitation engraved on the outside of the bottle as a nice keepsake!
Hopefully you love the above ideas as much as we do! If you want more seasonal wedding tips and ideas, check out our FREE e-book

What are some festive ideas you have for YOUR holiday-themed wedding invitations? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!!
Merry Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director/Ordained Wedding Officiant
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