Hudson Valley Weddings – 7 Ideas for a Beautiful Ceremony Arch

Hudson Valley Weddings – 7 Ideas for a Beautiful Ceremony Arch

If you are getting married in one of the beautiful Hudson Valley outdoor venues, then building a ceremony arch is a great idea. A beautiful ceremony arch will make your wedding photos breathtaking and will wow your guests as soon as they enter the venue. Here are seven of our favorite ceremony arch ideas for you to look at.

1. Wild Flowers

Naturally, ceremony arches most often take advantage of flowers and wild flowers are very pretty option for the arch. You have two options when it comes to displaying the flowers around the arch. You can scatter them around all over the arch together with green leaves or even wooden branches. Additionally, you can make a few wild flower bouquets and just let the natural structure of the arch flow through in other spots.
Photo by Charlotte Geary

2. Balloons

You could also pick colorful balloons and tie them around the arch structure. You can either go with two colors or just use the main theme color of your wedding. If you want, you can even write little messages to the balloons and release them at the end of the ceremony!

3. Flowers And Crystals

Another creative idea is to scatter some flowers, such as roses, around the arch and include a few crystals into the mix as well. You could either go for crystal-styled necklaces or even use some pearl jewelry in the arch. This adds a nice little sparkle to the arch in the sunlight.

4. Candles

If you are holding your wedding ceremony in the evening, you could use candles as decorations in your arch. You can hang little lanterns with candles from the arch. It is a good idea to opt for lanterns for your candles, as they will keep the wind from blowing off your candles.

5. Paper Origami

You could also create little origami ornaments from paper and place them around the arch. This is a lovely idea and you are guaranteed to have them look stunning throughout the ceremony. A lovely idea is to craft origami flowers or even cute doves.
  6. A Wooden Window Frame

If you want something fun and unique, you could display a large wooden window frame and use it as the wedding arch. This is almost like a big picture frame that will have you two in the center. It’ll be amazingly creative arch that won’t require a lot of other decorations.
  7. Curtains

Finally, you could even use sheer curtains as the ceremony arch. You can either tie small fabrics to your arch structure or just use two longer curtains on either side. This is especially lovely if you are outdoors in a windy location. Select either colorful fabrics or just a white sheer fabric.
Photo by milk photography

The above ideas are great for a ceremony arch. If you are looking for beautiful ideas for organizing your dream Hudson Valley wedding, then sign up on our website for your FREE e-book. You can also find about our professional wedding DJ services from our website, so be sure to check it out!
What kind of ideas do you have for YOUR ceremony arch? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you! 

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
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