Hudson Valley Weddings – 8 Creative Ideas for Seasonal Escort Cards

Hudson Valley Weddings – 8 Creative Ideas for Seasonal Escort Cards

Seasonal themes are popular at the moment when it comes to decorating your wedding venues. Using the seasonal elements at your wedding is a relatively simple yet beautiful way to ensure uniformity in the décor. If you want to add some seasonal elements to your wedding, then here are a few creative ideas for seasonal escort cards.

Winter Escort Card Ideas

Winter weddings can be a magical occasion and there are plenty of amazing ways to add a hint of this season to your escort cards. The following are a few cute ideas to keep in mind:

(1)Snowflake Escort Cards

You can create a lovely tree outside the reception venue and fill it with little snowflake escort cards. Just place a few branches into a vase and hang the escort cards from the branches. You can see the idea from You could either purchase ready made snowflake escort cards or just create DIY cards to save some money.

(2)Pine Cone Escort Cards

Pine cones are a lovely wintry decorative item. You can create beautiful escort cards by using pine cones and using them to add a touch of Winter Wonderland to your wedding. Here is a simple DIY escort card idea that uses pine cones. You could also spray-paint the pine cones with sparkling silver paint to add a bit more glamour.

Spring Escort Card Ideas

If you are getting married during the spring season, it is a good idea to add some color and sparkle to your escort cards. Here are two sweet ideas that’ll work nicely:

(3)Cake Pop Escort Cards

Cake pops are one of the biggest hits when it comes to wedding sweets. And there is no reason why your escort cards couldn’t be something the guests can enjoy while they are waiting for everyone to get seated. Therefore, you should definitely try this cake pop escort card idea at

 (4)Flower Escort Cards

Flowers are also beginning to bloom during the spring season and wild flowers make a great seasonal décor. You can also kill two birds with one stone by creating escort cards that also act as the centerpiece on the table. Get small glass vases and fill each with a few wild flowers. 

Summer Escort Card Ideas

Summer is the second busiest wedding season of them all. This also means that there are plenty of different escort ideas that celebrate the season. The following are definitely worth including in your summer wedding:

(5)Seashell Escort Cards

If your wedding takes place in one of Hudson Valley’s river and beach wedding venues, it is a good idea to add some seashell elements to your escort cards. You could take inspiration from this Martha Stewart’s seashell idea.

(6)Maracas Escort Cards

If your summer wedding is full of music and dancing, then why not use escort cards that will get your guests involved with the party? These fun maracas escort cards are a unique idea that will also provide the guests with a lovely keepsake.

Fall Escort Card Ideas

Fall weddings can be intimate occasions and it is important to add plenty of warmth with the décor. These two seasonal escort cards are great ideas to add to your fall wedding:

(7)Lantern Escort Cards

You can add intimacy by having little lanterns with a tea candle inside act as the escort cards. Light up the candles and keep the wedding reception dimly lit. As your guests take their places the candles will light up the whole venue. 

(8)Apple Escort Cards

Apples are an essential seasonal produce for a fall wedding. They also make great escort cards. You can either use real apples or make your own apples. For instance, check out this apple escort card idea at Boho-Weddings.

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Is YOUR wedding a seasonal themed wedding? What are some of the ideas YOU are using for your escort cards? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!!

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
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