Hudson Valley Weddings – 8 Creative Wedding Menu Ideas

Hudson Valley Weddings – 10 Creative Wedding Menu Ideas

When you have picked the best menu for your Hudson Valley wedding reception, you need to start thinking about how to display your wedding menu. Providing a printed menu for your guests is a lovely finishing touch. Here are eight creative ideas for displaying your wedding menu.

1. Table card menu

A functional way to display your menu is together with your table number cards. You can print out a lovely paper tri-fold or cube with the table number and the menus on them. This also gives your guests something to look at while they are sitting down.

2. Glass menu

Displaying your menu on a glass jar or a glass window frame is another beautiful idea. If you want individual table menus, then you can write down the menu in huge glass vases that you can then use for table decorations. 
Alternatively, you could hang a window frame near where the food is served and write down the menu on the window. This will give an elegant look to your reception.

3. Wooden planks menu

Pieces of wooden planks are also great for displaying your menu. You can easily engrave your menu onto plain wooden planks. This guarantees each guest has his or her own little personal menu. This is a beautiful idea that works well with outdoor weddings and rustic wedding themes.

4. Starter menu

You could also provide your wedding menu together with your starter. A cute idea is to have a simple starter served in a little box or a paper bag, which has the menu printed on one side. For example, serve fries in a paper bag with the menu written on it.

5. Chalkboard menu

Chalkboard decorations are such a beautiful addition to your wedding reception. They also work well when it comes to displaying your wedding menu. You could go with small chalkboard frames that you have on each table. 

An alternative idea, which works great with buffet style menus, is to have a huge chalkboard placed on a wall near the food and to write the menu on it. This makes it easy to see what’s on offer as your guests are queuing for the food. 
6. Napkin menu

You could also print out the menu on your napkins. This is a convenient and cute idea. You can find plenty of companies online that are able to print out a menu on napkins, which you can then hang onto as a memory of your big day.

7. Coaster menu

If you don’t want to create a placemat menu, a very similar idea is to go with a coaster menu. This is a little bit more affordable alternative to placemats, yet it is still a cute and creative idea. You could even print the wedding program on the other side of the coaster!
 8. Message in a bottle menu

Finally, you can incorporate your wedding menu to the table decorations by creating a little message in a bottle. You can either go with the traditional idea and add a scroll inside the bottle or print the menu on the label. For instance, you can provide each guest with a small welcome beer bottle and have the day’s menu printed on the side of the bottle.

Hopefully, you’ll love the above ideas as much as we did! And if you are looking for great tips on how to plan a perfect Hudson Valley wedding, then take a look at our website for more tips. You can also sign up to stay in touch with all the latest news on Hudson Valley wedding entertainment and trends. 
What creative ideas do you have for YOUR wedding menus? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you! 

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment