Hudson Valley Weddings – 8 Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Hudson Valley Weddings – 8 Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding photos are the best way to guarantee you are able to look back and remember your wedding for years to come. Taking wedding photos during the wedding isn’t also just a fun way to leave a memory; it can even be a part of your Hudson Valley wedding entertainment. Here are 8 creative wedding photo ideas to keep in mind.

1. A Heart-Shaped Group Photo

Group photos can be a bit boring at times. To add some more fun to a group photo, you can ask your guests to stand in a heart-shaped formation while you two stay in the middle of the group. This is a cute way to show how loved you two feel.

2. Switch the Roles

It might also be fun to switch the roles a little and take photos of your bridesmaids together with the groom and the groomsmen surrounding the bride. This is a fun way to mix traditional photo settings a bit.
Photo by Patken Photography
Photo by Patken Photography

3. Play with Perspective

You should also play with perspective. For example, make the bride look like she is standing on the groom’s hand. Fun perspective changes make photos more surprising and creative!

4. Underwater Photos

Although you probably don’t want to ruin your hair and makeup on the big day, it could be fun to take a few underwater photos later on. Underwater photos of you two would be unexpected and when taken professionally, they can be very touching photos.

5. Picture Frames

Handheld frames are also a nice addition to wedding photos. You can use them in various ways. Make sure you use colorful frames to add a bit more brightness to the pictures.

6. Dance scenes

Photos are the best when they are full of motion. Therefore, you should take wedding photos that highlight the fun you all have while dancing. Take fun-filled dance scene photos and remember to pick the best Hudson Valley wedding DJs to get you all moving.
Photo by Bryan Barger Photography
Photo by Bryan Barger Photography

7. Jump Up

 Another creative photo that is full of motion is achieved by taking the photo when you are all in the air. Jump up and snap a photo to create the illusion that you are floating away. Add balloons to make it even more fun. 

8. Reflection Photos

Finally, you could also be creative with the reflection. If your Hudson Valley wedding venue is near the water or has a pool, for instance, then you could take photos of your reflections on the water. Additionally, you could use mirrors or something else that gives off an image to create a similar creative effect.


The above 8 ideas are fun and creative ways to take wedding photos. If you want more tips like this, you should sign up on our website and you’ll receive a FREE e-book about the biggest wedding secrets for a perfect wedding!
Have some special shots picked out for your must have list? What are they – I’d love to hear from you!!! 

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
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