Hudson Valley Weddings – 8 Fun and Sweet Invitation Ideas

Hudson Valley Weddings – 8 Fun and Sweet Invitation Ideas

The wedding invitation is a much more important part of your wedding than many people think. It is the best way to set the mood and the theme for your wedding by welcoming your guests in style to the most important day of your life. Although there is nothing wrong with traditional wedding invitations, the invitation is also a great way to showcase your creative and playful side. Here are 8 fun and sweet invitation ideas for a perfect Hudson Valley wedding.

1. A Scratch Card Invitation

A creative way of getting your guests excited about the wedding is by making the invitation into a scratch card. This adds the suspense and ensures your guests can’t wait to get the wedding date revealed! It is a fun and simple invitation alternative.

2. A Message in a Bottle Invitation

If you were looking for something sweet, then a message in a bottle invitation would be the right pick. You’ll need a few small bottles to slip in the invitations, but it is definitely worth the effort. Message in a bottle invitation would work especially well if you are getting married in one of the amazing Hudson Valley river or beach venues.

3. A Candy Bar Invitation

It could also be a sweet (literally!) idea to send your invitations wrapped around a candy bar or a chocolate bar. This is a cute way of sending your invitation and it will ensure your guests are rewarded when they receive the invitation.

4. A Book of Love Invitation

A touching and fun way to invite your guests is by writing them a short story instead of just a simple invitation. You can use tiny notebooks to tell the story of you and your partner. In the end, reveal that the story will continue at your wedding location.

5. A Plane Ticket Invitation

If you two love traveling and you are planning for a travel-themed wedding, pair of plane ticket styled invitations would work well. All you need is to replicate the look of a plane ticket with the essential wedding information and you got a sweet invitation.

6. A Photo Collage Invitation

A picture can sometimes say more than a thousand words. You can instantly create a sweet wedding invitation by creating a photo collage instead of just writing down the information. Take pictures of you two, the chapel or spot you are saying your vows in, your Hudson Valley wedding venue and the date and time by using a calendar and a watch, for example. This is a cute as well as a fun way to invite your guests.

7. A Balloon Invitation

You could also send an invitation with a balloon. The wedding information would be printed on the balloon and the guests would need to blow the balloon to reveal it. This is a very quirky idea, but remember to have a backup invitation in case the balloon acts up!

8. A Funny Returnable Invitation

It is important to have your guests reply back to you to let you know if they can make it on your wedding day. Instead of just asking them to call or e-mail you, create a returnable invitation with funny questions they need to answer. You can use questions like “what songs do you want to hear?” to help you with the entertainment as well!

The above wedding invitations are a fun and sweet way to inform your loved ones about your upcoming Hudson Valley wedding. Don’t forget to sign up on our website to receive your FREE E-book of more wedding secrets! 
Have any special or unique ideas for YOUR wedding invitations? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you! 

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment