Hudson Valley Weddings – 8 Great Ideas for Holiday Themed Weddings

Hudson Valley Weddings – 8 Great Ideas for Holiday Themed Weddings

The holiday season is almost over again but it’s never too early to think about holiday season themed weddings for the 2015 holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year offer fantastic ideas for your Hudson Valley wedding and you can include a bit of seasonal flair to your reception with these eight ideas.


1. Cranberry Aisle Decorations

Cranberries are the perfect bright red color for holiday themed weddings. You should definitely add a simple branch of cranberries either to the chairs on the aisle side or by just sprinkling them on either side of the aisle.A super nice touch is to use the iced cranberry branches for that “wintry” effect.


2. Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are the perfect way to light up your holiday themed wedding. You can opt for the elegant white lights and use them on top of your tables or surround your dance floor with bright colorful lights. A cute option is to use these red LED lighted escort table cards to add some more Christmas feeling for your guests.


3. Holiday Themed Bouquet

You should definitely go with a seasonal bouquet as well. You could either go with a Christmas-themed bouquet with pinecone branches, few pinecones, and plenty of red berries to add color, or you could opt for a luscious Thanksgiving-themed bouquet with orange and brown flowers. For example, orange daisies would look great.


4. Leaf Escort Cards

We here at Hudson Valley get to enjoy the magnificent nature in all its glory during the fall. If you want to add a bit of fall flair to your holiday themed wedding, then leaf escort cards are the perfect idea for early seasonal weddings. You can use real leaves or just make paper leaves for your tables.


5. Table Wreaths

You could also use beautiful pinecone wreaths as your table centerpieces. You can either go with simple pine branches, with some cranberries for additional color, or even opt for the same flowers you used in your bridal bouquet. In addition, you can place a small candle or a bowl of pinecones inside the wreath.


6. Scented Candles

You can set the mood perfectly by using scented candles. Try to pick the scents that fit that specific season. For example, for a wedding near Thanksgiving, use pumpkin scent, for a wedding near Christmas pick scents such as cinnamon, and for a wedding near the New Year go with champagne! I love these champagne candles that could double as a cute favor!


7. Ornament Guestbook

Instead of going with a traditional guestbook, you could have your guests write their message on simple Christmas tree ornaments. You can pick clear glass ornaments, or single color ornaments, such as silver or gold. Then just have a permanent marker at hand and get the guest sign a single ornament. You’ll be reminded of your lovely holiday wedding every year you decorate the tree!


8. Holiday Stocking Favor

If you are getting married close to Christmas, then Christmas stocking naturally makes a fantastic wedding favor. Pick novelty stockings or elegant ones depending on the mood of your wedding. Fill it with candy or slip in a warm cider bottle for the adults.
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What inspirations do you have for YOUR holiday themed wedding? Let me know I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director/Ordained Wedding Officiant
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