Hudson Valley Weddings – Sweet Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Hudson Valley Weddings –  Sweet Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids have probably helped you keep sane during your wedding preparations. In order to let them know how much the effort was appreciated it’s a good idea to give them sweet gifts. The key to buying bridesmaids gifts is all about keeping it personalized and sweet. Here are some sweet gift ideas for your bridesmaids.

Think About Unusual Gifts

You want your gift to be a little bit unusual. A good gift is often the kind of gift that you’d love to have, but you won’t necessarily go and buy it yourself. This doesn’t mean it has to be extra expensive either. There are plenty of unusual and unique gifts that won’t cost a fortune.

For example, personalized stationery might be a great idea for bridesmaids. No one ever thinks about shopping for stationery, but we love to have it around. When you add the name details of the person who is receiving it, it’s even more special. Additionally, something like an ice cream maker or an exotic chili growing kit might also be a fun idea.

Select Pampering Gifts

As well as picking unique gifts, you also want to go with gifts that are going to pamper your bridesmaids. They have done a lot of work helping you to plan this wedding and it’s time they get some pampering back.
A beauty treatment at their local salon or even a big beauty emergency kit could work very well. Just purchase little beauty essentials to a beautiful travel toiletry bag or basket and you got a creative and sweet gift ready.

Pick Girlie Gifts

You also want to make sure your gifts have that ‘girlie’ effect. Bridesmaids are all about celebrating your bond as females and you don’t want to pick anything that doesn’t ooze out your feminine side.

If your bridesmaids are big fashion fanatics, then a designer handbag is an amazingly sweet gift idea. It’s even better if you add monograms or names to it. But you could also go with fashionable jewelry. For instance, purchase a similar bracelet or necklace for all the bridesmaids and get it engraved with a personalized text. This is a guaranteed way to remember this big occasion in all of your lives forever.

You Know Them Best

Finally, it is important to remember that you know your bridesmaids the best. If you are all a relaxed, fun-loving group then giving a gift with a humorous side isn’t a bad idea either. A novelty shirt or a mug is a cute addition to something a bit more ‘serious’. 

You also don’t always need to give material gifts. If your bridesmaids love working out, then a free gym membership or even a cookery course can be a fun idea that has plenty of value.

Hopefully, the above gift ideas will help you decide what the best gift ideas for your bridesmaids would be. If you are looking for more helpful tips, then sign up on our website and receive your free copy of our E-book! With these tips you’ll learn how to plan the best Hudson Valley wedding.
What are you thinking of giving YOUR bridesmaids for your wedding?? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!! 

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment