Hudson Valley Weddings – The Best Gifts to Give to Your Groomsmen

Hudson Valley Weddings – The Best Gifts to Give to Your Groomsmen

When you are getting married, you want to have your nearest and dearest friends stand by you. Groomsmen play an important role in your wedding preparations and you want to make sure you give them a fitting gift as a way to say ‘thank you’. Here are our picks for some of the best gifts to give to your groomsmen.

First, before you purchase gifts it is important to think about the budget. A groomsmen gift doesn’t need to cost a fortune, but you also don’t want to give the guys something cheap. Think carefully how much you are willing to spend. But do know that above all, it isn’t the price tag that matters, but the effort of finding something you know your groomsmen would love.

Go for Creative, Fun Gifts

It’s a good idea to pick something that you know your groomsmen would love to have, but what they wouldn’t necessarily ever buy themselves. These sorts of gifts are much more surprising and fun to receive than casual everyday items.

For instance, go for some hand carved smoking pipes or fun gadgets like water dancing speakers and high-tech watches. This makes your gift a bit more unique and extremely fun.

Add Something Personal

The key is to guarantee your gift is personalized. This adds that extra bit of attention to the gift and tells your groomsmen you really appreciate their effort and help.

Adding a personal touch to a gift isn’t all that difficult. You can make simple gift ideas like watches, cufflinks and wallets more exciting with a personalized monogram. 

Pick Manly Gifts

The truth is that when it comes to groomsmen gifts, you want to go with manly items. If the gifts are picked by your bride then they won’t be as appreciated by the groomsmen. The whole idea is to celebrate your brotherhood and the last days as ‘free man’, so make sure the gift is something that has this in mind.

Therefore, simple silver or leather flasks for groomsmen aren’t a bad idea at all. Even a bottle of whiskey in a hand carved box might be a great gift idea. Alternatively, you can include tools to the gift for a manly touch.

It Doesn’t Need To Be an Item

Finally, it is worth realizing that your gift doesn’t need to be a material item. You can also remember and thank your groomsmen by providing them with an experience.

If you have money to spare, then even plane tickets to a small holiday can work well. Alternatively, tickets to a sporting event or even a concert might be well appreciated by your friends. Above all, a proper guys night out or a dinner at a fancy restaurant can be a good gift idea.


Hopefully the above ideas give you some valuable ideas for groomsmen gifts. Remember to spend some time picking the gift and make sure it’s something personal and fun.

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Have some great ideas for YOUR groomsmen? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment