Hudson Valley Weddings – The Most Romantic Songs for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Hudson Valley Weddings – The Most Romantic Songs for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year (besides your wedding day!) and so you might as well combine the two for an ultra-romantic extravaganza! If you are planning to have your Hudson Valley wedding on a Valentine’s Day or you just want to add more romance to your special occasion, we’ve picked the most romantic songs to get you going.


Getting Ready

You need the right songs to play when you are slipping into that marvelous wedding gown and nervously figuring out how to fasten your tie. A bit of romantic music can always calm down the nerves while also adding a gentle amount of butterflies to your stomach.

The most romantic getting ready songs include:


The Wedding Ceremony

You’ll also want to add sugary songs to your wedding ceremony. This is the last time you two will be seen as a separate unit and the first time you two walk out as a married couple, so you want to add emotional songs to your ceremony. Although there are many traditional songs and many people prefer using instrumental songs for wedding ceremonies, don’t be afraid to play with your song choices.
The following tunes are among our favorite songs to add to your wedding ceremony:


The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception allows you to play around with the playlist and you obviously want to discuss your song choices with your Hudson Valley wedding DJ to ensure you have plenty of soongs to get the guests on the dance floor. But you also want to add some romantic songs into the mix and for the special events such as your cake cutting and your first dance.
This selection of songs can work in these specific occasions or just as additional songs in your reception playlist:


Something for Your Romantic Wedding Night

Many couples don’t necessarily plan anything special for the wedding night, as you might just feel quite worn out after the big day. But it might be a romantic idea to prepare a little playlist of romantic songs for the moment you enter the room and enjoy a glass of champagne alone.
Check out these following sexy and romantic songs:

The world is full of wonderful songs and you have a lot of tough choices ahead of you when it comes to wedding music. Contact a professional Hudson Valley wedding DJ for tips and list your favorite songs.
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What are some songs you have planned for your Valentine’s Day wedding? I’d love to hear your selections!!
Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director/Ordained Wedding Officiant
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