Lake Norman Weddings – 10 Tiny Wedding Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

Lake Norman Weddings – 10 Tiny Wedding Ideas for Your Fall Wedding



Fall is such a romantic time for weddings and it isn’t any wonder that numerous Lake Norman couples get married during the fall season these days. There are plenty of amazing ways to highlight this great season in your wedding and we’ve picked up our favorites. Check out these ten tiny wedding ideas for your Hudson Valley wedding.



1. Sugar Coated Apples



Naturally, a fall wedding is nothing without some apples. These are in harvest during this time and you can create fun and tasty centerpieces from them. Sugar coated apples are a lovely way to brighten up the tables and your guests can also enjoy them at any time.



2. Branch Centerpieces



You should also take advantage of the things nature has to offer during this time. Branches are a central part of fall and they make amazing centerpieces. Whether you use just branches or include jewelry to your branches, they make very cute decorations. You can find more amazing fall centerpiece ideas from our previous blog post as well.
  3. Little Pumpkin Candles


 Another creative décor idea for your fall wedding is all about pumpkins. These are an essential part of fall and you can incorporate them in a very stylish way into your wedding reception. Little pumpkin shaped candles are a very cute idea. You can add them to your tables or even use pumpkin candles as aisle decorations.


4. Maple Syrup Wedding Favors



There are plenty of great tastes associated with fall and maple syrup is one of them. If you want to provide your guests with a tasty wedding favor, then maple syrup bottles are a great idea. You can even personalize the bottles to ensure your guests have a lasting memory of the day.
  5. Leafy Escort Cards


You could also highlight the season with lovely, leafy escort cards. You could even use real leaves. Collect leaves and carefully draw the table numbers. You can then protect the leaves by laminating them. Naturally, you could just create cutouts from cardboard as well.
  6. Wooden Archways



If you are looking for a way to celebrate the season, then wooden decorations are a lovely idea. For your wedding ceremony, a wooden archway makes a lovely idea. You can then decorate it further with branches or candles.
  7. Berry Dessert Bar



Seasonal food also makes a great idea for fall weddings. You can celebrate the season with the best produce, such as berries. Blueberries and cranberries are a great idea for a fall wedding. Create a dessert bar where guests can enjoy berries together with ice cream, shortcake or custard. 
  8. Warm Cider and Beer



Naturally, there are also great drink ideas for the season. As the weather is getting colder, you might want to help your guests stay warm with lovely warm cider or beer. 


 9. Copper Cake Toppers



When it comes to fall wedding colors, copper is one of the most creative options to go with. Metallic wedding cakes are also very fashionable at the moment and you can add a modern twist to your wedding with copper wedding cake toppers or other such decorations.


 10. Romantic Candlelit Dance Floor



Finally, you should add plenty of amazing music for your fall wedding. Hudson Valley’s wedding DJs can help your guests enjoy the wedding and have some fun. In order to make it all just a little bit more intimate, you should create a dance floor surrounded by candles. 



The above ideas are the perfect way to celebrate fall at your wedding. Head down to our website for some more ideas on how to plan for the best Hudson Valley wedding. 

What tiny ideas do you have for YOUR fall wedding? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!


Happy Planning!

Thomas & Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Specialists
Platinum DJ & Photobooth


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