Lake Norman Weddings – 6 Beautiful and Fun Thanksgiving Wedding Favors

LAKE NORMAN Weddings – 6 Beautiful and Fun Thanksgiving Wedding Favors



If your Lake Norman wedding takes place during the beautiful Thanksgiving holiday season, then there are many ways to add a touch of this holiday to your special day. We’ve picked six beautiful and fun Thanksgiving wedding favors that hopefully will inspire you in your wedding planning.



1. Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix



Of course, pumpkin is the most essential flavor of the season and you can take advantage of it with your wedding favors. A lovely idea is to pick glass jars and personalize them with a gift tag that reminds your guests of this special wedding day. 
Fill the glass jar with a special pumpkin pie spice mix. Not only is it handy thing to have around the house, but it will also come with a divine scent. If you want, you can also print a simple pumpkin pie recipe to go with your glass jar.



2. Leaf-Shaped Cookies



You could also make your own leaf-shaped cookies. Nutty cookie dough would work the best, as it would have that fall flavor to it. You can find lovely leaf shape cookie cutters from most baking stores or even online. 



If you aren’t into making your own wedding favor cookies, then you can always ask a local Lake Norman bakery to do them for you.



3. A ‘Thank You’ Picture Frame



Of course, Thanksgiving is the perfect time for showing gratitude for the things you have. Your wedding favor is a perfect way to remind people to slow down and remember all the good things in their life. Therefore, a beautiful photo frame with the words ‘Thank You’ written in the frame would work nicely as a wedding favor.






4. Turkey Bottle Cover



If you want your wedding favor to be a little bit more playful, then you could go with a turkey-shaped bottle cover. There are plenty of different models available online and you can pick from wine bottle covers to beer bottle covers.



If you want, you can also include a bottle of your wedding’s signature drink underneath the cover. For added humor, include a little tag with these funny Thanksgiving quotes to your wedding favor.



5. A Specialty Nutcracker



There are so many beautiful and unique nutcrackers out there and these would make a perfect wedding favor for your Lake Norman wedding. You can find very elegant nutcrackers or you could go for a novelty one, if your wedding is very relaxed and laid-back.


Include a lovely mix of nuts to your favor. You can pick a few nuts that require cracking and few that don’t, so guests are free to snack on the nuts during the reception as well.



6. Retro Holiday Coasters



Finally, you could opt for some retro holiday coasters. You can find plenty of retro Christmas coasters online or you could even make the coasters yourself. There are plenty of DIY ideas online for beautiful coasters in different materials. 



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What types of favors are you handing our for YOUR Thanksgiving-themed wedding? Let us know – We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Planning!
Thomas & Laurie Kuerlemann
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