Lake Norman Weddings – 7 Unique Ways to Decorate with Bunting

Lake Norman Weddings – 7 Unique Ways to Decorate with Bunting



Bunting has unfortunately somewhat damaged its reputation when it comes to weddings. Some people feel that a bunting is a tacky decoration for weddings, but it doesn’t need to be that way. There are many ways you can decorate with bunting and it can be an elegant and beautiful addition to your Lake Norman wedding venue. Check out these seven unique ways to use bunting and reclaim this fantastic wedding décor!



1. Washi Tape



Washi tape is the perfect material for cute and tiny bunting. If you want to add bunting for the tables, then Washi tape will help you do just that. Just cut little pieces and attach them to a string. 




You can use your Washi tape bunting a bit like confetti. Just throw it around the table in a non-symmetrical manner and it adds plenty of color to your wedding tables.



2. Hanging Handkerchiefs


Bunting is versatile and you could even create bunting by utilizing handkerchiefs. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t all the same, they will add plenty of color and vintage-feel to your wedding venue. You can use them on top of the tables or even at the ceremony location.  



3. Softer Shapes



Bunting is generally in a triangle formation, but this can create a harsh look to the venue. To avoid this, you can opt for some softer shapes instead. For example, a round or semi-round bunting shape can add a bit more softness to the wedding venue and ensure it looks more elegant.




4. Add Plenty of Bunting



One of the ways bunting can look a bit dated, is if you just hang out a bit of bunting here and there. If you want to make an impact with it, go nuts with bunting! Add reams of it on top of your wedding venue tables to draw attention. If your Lake Norman wedding venue is very spacious, reams of bunting can actually create a more intimate space and it is the perfect accessory for outdoor weddings.




5. Bunting On Desserts



You can also add bunting to your dessert menu. If you are serving cupcakes or cookies, then with a bit of sugar fondant you can add bunting on top of your desserts in no time. You could even use it to circle around your wedding cake. 


6. Colorful Ribbons



As well as trying out different shapes, you could also create bunting by using colorful ribbons. This is a very good look for bohemian weddings, for example. You can just cut ribbons from old clothes and fabrics and then attach them to the string. Hang the ribbons around the wedding venue, such as around the wedding tables or above the dance floor.



7. Photos



If you can get a hold of a picture of each of your wedding guests, then you could create bunting with photos. This could just work as a general décor around the Lake Norman wedding venue or you could use it for escort cards and table numbers. Each table could have bunting with photos of the people who sit at that table, for instance.



The above ideas show that bunting is not a cheesy way to decorate your wedding venue. There are many ways to utilize it and certain color combinations work better than others. So, keep your eyes open and try out different bunting ideas.



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