Lake Norman Weddings – Top 4 Tips to Avoid a Teary Disaster at Your Wedding

We all know the feeling of attending a wedding and getting a bit emotional. The music, the atmosphere, and the love in the room are just something that gets even the toughest of people to well up.

For brides, these teary moments are unavoidable, but they can also be inconvenient. You don’t want to be walking down the aisle while crying uncontrollably and have your makeup smudged all over your face during the ceremony. But luckily, the following tips will help you avoid these teary disasters at your wedding.


1. Prepare Well

First, if you know you are going to be crying a lot even before the wedding, it’s a good idea to try to prepare your eyes for the special day. A simple ibuprofen can help keep down the swelling around your eyes. Naturally, you don’t want to be eating a lot of pills for nothing, but one pill in the morning or the night before can ensure your eyes don’t look swollen.
On top of this, you should consider adding a few eye drops beforehand as well. You can find redness-reducing eye drops from any drugstore. You can even add a few drops during the reception if you feel like your eyes are starting to look red.
2. Professional Makeup
Of course, the eye makeup is crucial in guaranteeing that you don’t end up with smudgy eyes. Professional makeup artists from your area will naturally have all the best tools to ensure your eye makeup lasts for the whole day.

But you can avoid disaster even if you are in charge of your own makeup. Instead of opting for water resistant mascara, go with fake eyelashes. These give you the volume while also ensuring your mascara won’t let you down!


3. Keep Calm

Sometimes it’s simply the stress together with the lovely speeches that gets you overwhelmed. Therefore, you want to try and get as much sleep before the big day as possible. This might sound like a difficult task, but try to make sure you get to rest enough. Things like chamomile tea and meditation can be good tools for combating wedding stress and getting enough sleep.
On top of this, you might want something to keep you calm during the ceremony. You could hold on to beautiful stone prayer beads or attach a little stress ball in your wedding clutch to keep you busy during speeches. These can be a surprisingly efficient way to keep yourself calm. (I love these heart shaped stress balls – perfect for the loving day!)


4. Create an Emergency Kit

Finally, you should have a little emergency kit on hand in case something goes wrong. As well as having some tissues at hand, you might also want to include your powder and eyeliner for fixing the makeup.
As a fun accessory, a foldable hand fan can be perfect for keeping the tears at bay. When you use it on your face, it dries your eyes and can prevent you from crying too much. People won’t even notice anything, as they will think you are just feeling a bit hot.
With the above ideas you should be able to soldier through your wedding day without too many teary disasters. If you like the tips, then sign up to our FREE e-book. You’ll find plenty of useful ideas on how to plan a perfect Lake Norman wedding from the book as well as our blog!
What are some things you plan to do to keep the tears away on YOUR wedding day? Let us know – We’d love to hear from you!! 
Happy Planning!
Thomas & Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Specialists
Platinum DJ & Photobooth

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