Last-Minute Party Planning Tips

Last-minute party panic? Got an idea for a party just a bit too close to the occasion? Woke up to remember it is time for a Father’s Day party today? Don’t worry; you can still put together a fantastic event even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Here are the best last-minute party planning tips.


Use e-invites

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Everyone has an e-mail address these days. We also read e-mails multiple times a day so an e-invite is sure to get noticed. You can find beautiful templates online or just create your own e-invite. This just takes a second and you’ll soon have a guest list set out.


Tidy up the house without much effort


Organizing the party at home? Get a cleaner to come and do a bit of tidying up. It’ll end up saving you a lot of stress and a one-off clean won’t break the budget. Another clever idea is to organize the party outdoors – you don’t have to focus too much on sorting out the indoors, just do some light dusting and you’re done.


Focus on lighting and flowers

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In terms of decorations, don’t spend a lot of money or time creating elaborate décor. You can create a stunning décor with just some lighting and flowers. In the summer, pick your own flowers for a bohemian party décor. For the lighting, just light up a lot of tea lights – they can be in different sized and shaped glass vases. If you have holiday lights, don’t be afraid to use them in a summer or autumn last-minute party.


Serve up takeaway


If you’re not organizing a huge party, you could serve up takeaway for your guests. A nice meal of pizza or a selection of Indian and Chinese starters and main meals is a quick and tasty way to add treats to your party.


Keep drinks simple

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You don’t have to come up with anything elaborative in terms of your drinks. You could shop beautiful mason jars at Walmart and fill them with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Some flavored vodka with orange juice or a mix of pineapple and apple juice will work perfectly!


Entertain with a photo booth


A photo booth is a great entertainment option for a last-minute party. You could check with Hudson Valley photo booth providers whether they have booths available for your party. You can also just organize a DIY photo booth with a digital camera and some simple printable props if you can’t hire one.


Find ready-made playlists


Don’t have time to hire a party DJ? You can just find ready-made playlists online and have the playlist blast out music for your party. If you have teenagers in your family, you could ask one of them to be the official DJ – for a bit of cash, they’ll be jumping in at the opportunity.

Hudson Valley party

If you are looking to plan a last-minute party, you just need to stay calm and focus on the main elements. You want the party to be fun and relaxed, with some tasty treats and drinks – it really doesn’t take a lot to have a good party. So, pick up the ideas above and party in style!


Do you have great last-minute party tricks and tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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