The Little Details for Your New Year’s Eve Wedding

New Year’s Eve can be a magical time for an intimate wedding. To make it that extra bit of special, you want to add the following little details to it. They will turn a New Year’s Eve wedding into a glamorous and fun affair!


Something Sequined

New Year's Eve wedding

If you were looking for a unique wedding dress, then a sequined wedding gown would really do the trick! A New Year’s Eve wedding needs a bit of glamour and shine – and if you don’t feel like it as the bride, the groom can wear a sequined waistcoat or tie instead!


Sparkly Tablecloths


Make the room sparkle by opting for sparkling, glittery tablecloths. You just need to add some crystal vases and candles as table décor and you have a stunning, glamorous look on your tables.


A Signature Champagne Cocktail

New Year's Eve wedding

A New Year’s Eve wedding is nothing without champagne. But instead of opting for a simple serving of champagne, why not create your very own signature champagne cocktail. Esquire has lots of ideas!


Magic Photo Booth with a Twist

photo booth backdrop

You should also have a photo booth to entertain your wedding guests. A proper New Year’s Eve wedding photo booth is all about the props. You should consider adding a confetti shower, glittery balloons or a sparkling background of some kind to your booth to make it extra glamorous!


A Resolution Wall


You should also utilize a wall for guests to write down their resolutions for the New Year. You just need to hang sparkly cards that guests can fill with their resolution – but in an added twist, you can hand out resolutions at the end of the night to random guests! This will be fun, especially if you tell everyone to pick resolutions relating to love and relationships.


Sparkler Topped Wedding Cake

New Year's Eve wedding

Your wedding cake should definitely have a lot of sparklers on top. Dim the lights and light up the sparklers before the cake cutting. This will get everyone into the right spirit, creating a lovely glimmer across the reception.


If you love sparklers (and who wouldn’t!), you could also include them to each guest table to allow the guests have a bit of fun. They could light them up during the first dance and create a magical backdrop for this touching moment.


Countdown to the Big Moment


You should, of course, ask your North Carolina wedding DJ to perform the countdown to New Year. This might sound obvious but it’s important to remember since it shows your wedding guests you want them to have a good time. To make it even more special, add confetti, glitter or colorful lights to the mark the moment.


A New Year’s Eve Wedding Full of Love


The above little finishing touches will turn your New Year’s Eve wedding into an amazing and fun party. Guests get to have a good time not only celebrating your love but also welcoming the New Year.


What are some things you’d love to include to a New Year’s Eve wedding? Let us know!

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