How to Make Dad Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

We’ve previously written about making your mom feel special on your wedding day. It’s only right that on Father’s Day we celebrate the father and share some tips on making them feel loved on this important day. So, how can you show a little extra love to your father on the big day?


Here are some lovely gestures and ideas for helping your dad feel the love.


A special boutonniere to wear

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You want to ask the florist to create a special boutonniere for the fathers. This could be similar to the groom and bestman’s, but you can also create two special boutonnieres just for the fathers.


A personal note for the reception

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You can surprise your father with a handwritten note, waiting at the dinner table. If your father walked you down the aisle, your note can be a reminder of how important this was to you. The groom could simply write about the love he has for his dad on this special day.


A signature cocktail named after the dad

If your father is a bit of a drink connoisseur, you could come up with a custom drink named after him. This could be two separate drinks so both the groom and the bride’s dad get a cocktail – you could also ask them to work together and design a drink they’d like. This ensures the dads feel a bit more involved with the planning and your wedding day.


Father-daughter dance

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Father-daughter dances are a traditional addition to the wedding. You can ask your Lake Norman wedding DJ for song suggestions and ideas for creating a beautiful moment between you and the father. But you also don’t want to forget your new father-in-law. It’s a lovely idea to also dance with him to make him feel special and part of the family.


Play his favorite song

You should also ask the wedding DJ to play your fathers’ favorite songs. The DJ could do a little introduction before the song, explaining its importance for the father and asking the father to take the floor with his wife, for example.


Take special photos

Of course, you’ll also want to make sure your wedding photos include special father-daughter and father-son photos. It’s important to share the moment and to capture the love and emotion of your wedding day. Make sure to also take father-in-law photos and a photo with you, your groom and the fathers.


Keep him with you even in spirit

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For those, whose fathers might have passed away, it’s important to find ways to include your father to the big day. You can add a photograph to the parent table of your deceased father or leave a symbolic empty seat to where he should be sitting. Your father might not be there but they are always with you in spirit.


With the above ideas, you can make the dad feel special on your wedding day!


What are some things you’d like to do just for your father on your wedding day? Let us know!

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