Must-Haves for a True North Carolina Wedding

North Carolina is packed with beautiful places that make amazing locations for a wedding. You could have panoramic views of the Great Smoky Mountains or sandy venues in the Outer Banks. But aside from a stunning location, what are the must-haves for a true North Carolina wedding?

Stopping the Happy Tears

North Carolina brides might shed a few happy tears at the event. There’s a touching tradition for this – the mother of the bride shall give a handkerchief to the daughter to deal with those lucky, happy wedding tears.

Picking the Local Floral

Flowers are a big thing in North Carolina and wedding couples like to spend a lot of time choosing the right bouquets. A must-have bouquet for a North Carolina wedding celebrates the season and local flowers. This means you want plenty of dogwood or Carolina lilies in your bouquet!

Bringing on the Seersucker

North Carolina grooms might want to opt for classic seersucker glad for the wedding. It’s especially good for the summer months when the weather can get scorching. It’s a dapper look that comes in many variations – it looks great if the whole of the groom’s party is dressed in similar suits.

Decorating with the Beautiful Pride

North Carolina brides tend to have bridal portraits taken prior to the wedding – usually during the ‘run-through’ of the hair and makeup. These portraits should then be used as décor at the wedding reception!

Revelations with a Cake Pull

A true North Carolina wedding is nothing without practice called cake pull. This is such a popular tradition that adds a whole lot of fun to your wedding day! What it involves is your typical wedding cake with ribbons in the bottom layer. These ribbons shall reveal a charm that tells something about the future. All the single ladies and the bride shall pull a ribbon and reveal their fate!

Focusing on the Groom’s Cake

North Carolina wedding

Speaking of cake, a North Carolina wedding is not just about having a beautiful wedding cake. The groom’s cake plays a big role in North Carolina weddings and it’s usually an elaborate and fun cake. Furthermore, the single wedding guests should take a piece of the groom’s cake with them, pop it under their pillow and they’ll see dreams of their future partner!

Having a Parade

Having a second line is a Southern tradition that North Carolinians should celebrate too – with a twist. You need a great North Carolina wedding DJ to turn up the beat and help everyone jump in on the dance floor for a parade. A North Carolina wedding should be about having fun and there’s nothing better than good music in achieving just that

Having the Best North Carolina Wedding

North Carolinians know how to have a good party and with the above must-have ideas, you’ll end up celebrating in true North Carolina style. So, start planning and turn your North Caroline wedding day into a magical affair!

What are some of your favorite North Carolina wedding must-haves and traditions? Let us know!

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