Non-Cheesy Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

Thanksgiving wedding ideas might all sound a little cheesy at first. But the two celebrations actually have a lot in common – both days are dedicated to spending time with your loved ones and being thankful for all the love and blessings around you. While you probably want to skip the cartoonish turkey crafts on your wedding, there are beautiful and non-cheesy Thanksgiving wedding ideas to go with.


Here are some of our favorites for the Lake Norman brides.


Notes of gratitude as table cards

Thanksgiving wedding ideas

You can invite guests in and let them know where to sit with the help of notes of gratitude. Create a piece of card with the person’s name and table number on one side and a beautiful text of “Many thanks for celebrating this day with us” on the other. You can even use “Thank You” stationery and just modify it with the table numbers.


Pomander ball decorations to add the scent of Thanksgiving to your reception

Thanksgiving wedding ideas

Thanksgiving is also known for its fragrant scents and nothing is more symbolic of the season than pomander ball. These would make a beautiful wedding decoration as well – it’s easy to make and you could have them on the guest tables, on the buffet tables or just placed around the venue.


Seasonal fabrics to add comfort

Thanksgiving wedding ideas

Velvet and corduroy are synonymous with the season. You can use them for all sorts of Thanksgiving wedding ideas – the groom and even the bride could be dressed in velvet or you could add a velvet bow behind the ceremony chairs. You could even use strings of velvet on top your dance floor for a cozy look.


Photo booth with the opportunity to say thanks

hired photo booth

Photo booths are an extremely popular addition to Hudson Valley weddings these days and they allow you to be playful with the theme. Thanksgiving offers plenty of ideas for a photo booth and one of the elegant options is to have a chalkboard sign the guests can use to write down what they are thankful for. If you opt for a Magic Mirror Photo Booth, you could even add seasonal greetings to each photo and share them on social media.


Thanksgiving food with a difference

Thanksgiving wedding ideas

We all love Thanksgiving food but if you don’t want the menu to feel exactly the same, you can tweak it for your wedding. Instead of mash potato, serve up mash potato casserole or small croquettes. Savory baked apples with sausage stuffing is a beautiful combination of old and new, with pumpkin pie popsicles making a great dessert for the big day.


The above Thanksgiving wedding ideas show that you can incorporate the holiday into your wedding without it being cheesy and tacky. The ideas will celebrate Thanksgiving without turning your special day into a Thanksgiving festivity. So, get planning and create the perfect Thanksgiving themed wedding in Lake Norman.


What do you think? How would you celebrate Thanksgiving on your wedding? Let us know your beautiful wedding ideas!

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