North Carolina Photo booths – 6 Ways to Add Magic to Your Wedding Photo Booth

Photographs are the perfect way to create memories of your special day. Having a Magic Mirror photo booth at your wedding is not just fun entertainment, but also helps to create memories for you and your guests to enjoy for years to come. So, if you are considering adding a wedding photo booth to your North Carolina wedding, these are six ways to make the use of the Mirror booth more magical!


1. Signs with personalized messages


Different message props are popular for photo booths. But instead of using pre-determined messages and signs, have your guests write their own sayings. You can just cut plenty of sturdy cardboard signs in different shapes, incorporating your wedding colors with the signs. Provide guests with pens and let them be creative with their messaging!


2. Do actual magic tricks



Photo booth photos don’t require people posing for photos. In fact, it can be quite fun to take photos when people are engaged with something else. If you want to add some real magic to your photo booth, then hire a magician to perform tricks while you snap the photos!


The trick can be simple and it can involve the guests. Snap photos while the magic trick is being performed and you’ll be left with some jaw-dropping, fun photos.


3. Frame it with a laugh


Photo booths don’t need to be traditional in the way the photos are taken and framed. You don’t need to sit in an actual booth and snap the photos. Instead, you can create your own fun frames that the guests will hold while a hired photographer or another guest takes the photos.


One of the quirkiest ideas is to cut a big sideways view of a car and have guests hold it as the frame. Other similar ideas would include airplanes, spaceships and trains!


4. Hire a unique photo booth for a different experience


There are even differences when it comes to hiring a photo booth experience for your wedding. While the traditional models are easily adaptable with the above ideas and props, you could enjoy a whole new take on photo booths with a Magic Mirror photo booth.


You’ll get a touchscreen mirror, which snaps full-length photos of the guests through the mirror! The system allows the inclusion of different elements, such as handwriting, stickers and other magical additions to the personalized photos.


5. Go outside


North Carolina weddings have the advantage of beautiful scenery. You have dramatic mountains, Lake Norman, and scenic city skylines, which can all be utilized as a backdrop in a photo booth. Whether it’s a summer wedding, a fall wedding or even a winter wedding, you definitely want to consider taking your photo booth outside.


6. Get active with bubbles or confetti



Add a unique twist to your photo booth by providing guests with something fun to play with. One magical element is to include soap bubbles to the photos. The people in the photos can either blow the bubbles themselves or you can use a soap bubble gadget on the side to add these sparkling bubbles to the pictures. If you have different lights in the booth, the bubbles will definitely add a lovely glow to the photos.


Another fun idea is to have a confetti machine that opens up as the photos are being taken. This will create a colorful and glamorous element to the photos and it works especially well if the guests don’t expect the confetti to pop down!


Do you like the idea of having a photo booth at your wedding? If so, share us your ideas of unique ways to add a bit more magic to your wedding photo booth!

Thomas & Laurie Kuerlemann
Wedding Entertainment Specialist

Platinum Party Events DJ & Photobooth






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